How Do I Hypnotise Myself?

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This is such an amazing question

And the short answer is, we already do it!

Although perhaps if you want to understand the deeper underlying of self hypnosis then let’s talk about it 🙂

We must first talk about the mind

The conscious and unconscious mind in fact

As adults, our conscious mind is like a logical gatekeeper

So as I speak to you right now, you can choose to accept the information and open the gate, or reject the information by closing the gate

Some might liken this to how open minded or close minded a person is

Lee McKing explains adult mind

Next, the unconscious mind is more like a computer or CPU

And in fact, it has a secondary filter

This secondary filter is to filter the information that has been accepted by the logical gatekeeper and then use this secondary filter to further accept and reject information

The acceptance of information into the unconscious mind through this secondary filter is essentially our perceived reality of the world around us

What we believe in, our values, our mindset etc

If the secondary filter were to reject any information

That is because this information does not fit with the ideas and understandings of the filter

I’ll explain how it works better in a moment

For now, let me share how this filter was first created or programmed

You see, when we are a child, our conscious mind doesn’t really exist

There is no logical gatekeeper for the child to accept or reject what is been taught, especially by the parents

Lee McKing explains child's mind

In fact, whatever our parents say, we believe

This is especially true for children aged 0 to 7 years old

From the age of 7 to 9, the conscious mind of the child will be starting to form

And that’s also when puberty might start!

The mental maturity aids in this formation, and at the end, the child can now logically think for themselves whether to accept or reject their parents

Hence the rebellious stage!

Our secondary filter though, is being created or programmed mainly by observing the parents

Generally speaking, whatever the parents say or do, choice of words and tonality, facial expression and emotion, whether it’s to the child or to their spouse or other people, will potentially teach the child something, whether it’s good or bad

And that’s where it get tricky, my friend

If the parents have a negative mindset, the children might learn that same negative mindset, and develop a pessimistic view of life

If the parents have a positive mindset, the children might learn that same positive mindset, and develop an optimistic view of life

If the parents show signs of anxiety, the child might develop anxiety

If the parents have a temper, the child might develop a temper

And so on and so on

And now that we understand how the filter was created, so what?

You see, when we talk about self hypnosis, it’s nothing magical

Because we are hypnotising ourselves already everyday

Because whatever we say to ourselves, our logical gatekeeper will open the doors, and whatever we said will fit the secondary filter and enter the unconscious mind proper

And that’s how we hypnotise ourselves

Wait what? Is it that simple?

Unfortunately and fortunately, yes it is

It is unfortunate because this is why negative breed negativity

Why people will issues like anxiety, fears, depression, seem to get worse over time

It is because whatever they are saying, that is so negative, is reentering their unconscious mind and adding more negativity

It’s really just how our minds works

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And at the same time, it is fortunate it work this way

Because it also means whatever we say that is positive, can be accepted by a positive secondary filter, and this breeds more positivity and good things

Hold on McKing, by your logic, then even if I have a negative mindset and filter, I can say positive things to myself and hypnotise myself towards positivity!

That’s a very good question

But remember, if the filter was created from a negative family influence, that negative filter can only accept negative stuff

Meaning your positive affirmations will not enter your unconscious mind that easily

There is a longer explanation for this if you want to read how it works there

To sum up, whatever we say to ourselves, whether it’s good or bad, is a form of self hypnosis

The effectiveness depends on what our secondary filter filters

Now what if you want to learn self hypnosis techniques to resolve your issues or excel better in life?

Well, I don’t know if there is a market for this

If you are keen, do share and comment so that I know of the interest level


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