How Can Hypnosis Resolve Problems Quickly?

Lee McKing with a female client going through the hypnosis session layout

This is a quick article into how I work!

Especially if you are curious how I help people resolve issues quickly with hypnosis 😉

Anyway, most people come to me with a problem

Here is the first key learning – it usually isn’t the real problem!

Ok sometimes it is, but quite often it’s really a symptom of the real issue

Let me share sample case studies to illustrate this

Lady A came to me due to feeling anxious and emotional about various things

She was anxious about her kids, getting angry at them too, and this was stressing the family quite a bit

After some questioning (which is not under hypnosis ok? we are still in the chit chat of the problem), we found out that Lady A had a traumatic childhood

Her childhood was filled with stuff, lack of love, scoldings etc

It’s a quick example, but you can see that her current issues actually stem from her original issues

Her real problem was from her childhood!

Let’s look at Gentleman B for a moment too

He came to me to resolve his anger issues

After some questioning, and this was more straightforward, he realized his anger stem from his childhood too

Even though he didn’t know when it started

In his case, we did a regression technique to find out that he was bullied when he was younger and resolved this issue completely in 1 session

Lee McKing the Hypnotist with his client having a chat

OMG McKing!! Does this mean all issues come from childhood???

Heyyy calm down!

In a way, quite a few issues do actually start from childhood but not always the case

For example in Gentleman C’s case…

He had this fear of people because he was being bullied when he was a teenager

It traumatized him and it affected his life in several aspects

So you can see it really depends on the construct of the problem

People come to me with a problem, and I ask several questions to figure out the problem

How it was created, the root cause, how it holds so I know how to insert the solution etc

I ask questions to figure out more specifics of the problems as well as how it is constructed

And that’s the second key point – details

After which, I will gather more information about possible solutions and know which is the right or best hypnosis technique to help the person

Sometimes its a symbolism thing, sometimes its a regression thing, and sometimes its a matter of perspective

Of course, knowing which technique to use at what time and knowing how to navigate a person through his own mind takes a fair bit of experience

Once everything is in place…


And all is well 🙂

And yea… I use something called Conversational Hypnosis

Traditional Hypnosis is the one most people know of – the kind that goes to sleep for 2 hours

I don’t really do that

Well I can but I find it a bit slow for me

I want to help my clients resolve their issues as fast as possible

And I use Conversational Hypnosis to achieve that elegantly 🙂

Ask me any questions below and I will do my best to answer!

And if you know someone who is interested to see me but wonders what will happen, you can share this with them

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