How Can Hypnosis Help With Pain Relief?

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I don’t know if you have heard of how hypnosis can help with pain relief already and before I share with you a really cool technique, allow me to share with you a story

So my mum was washing the clothes one night and when she carried a pail full of wet clothes, it was so heavy that she pulled a muscle!


You could probably imagine the pain right?

But she endured it and went to sleep!

Which is quite typical, isn’t it??!

The next morning, she woke up to excruciating pain in her back. She grabbed her lower back as she forced herself to sit up on the bed. And she had to rest for a few minutes before continuing

However, as she was walking out of her room, she stumbled from the pain, holding onto her lower pain with both hands, cringing as the pain pounded

That’s when she decided to wake me up and told me about her pain

Lee McKing pain relief hypnosis

Are you wondering why did she tell me about her pain? 

Well, that’s because a few months ago, she tore a ligament in her right wrist and while the pain was bad, her arm actually swell up to double its size!

And this is where the power of hypnosis really shone through

It is because I used an advanced hypnotherapy technique with her to reduce the pain in about 5 to 10 minutes, and in fact, by lunch time (about an hour or two?) her arm went back to normal and the pain was gone!

When I noticed her swollen arm was back to normal, I told my brother, “Look! Mummy’s arm is back to normal!”

He saw how swollen it was just a couple hours earlier, so naturally, we were all convinced how amazing hypnosis can be

So anyway back to her back (I couldn’t help it hahaha), I asked her to sit down, and my heart broke from seeing her in so much pain…

I then proceeded with the same advanced hypnosis technique to reduce her pain fast because we only had 5 minutes to spare before she had to go to work

And just like that, from a pain level of 8, it went down to a 2, which was more manageable

Later that night, the pain was gone and she was back to normal

Now you might be quite fascinated and ready to learn this advanced hypnotherapy technique but unfortunately, I won’t be teaching you this technique just yet

Only because I don’t know how good you might be in hypnosis, and if you are not even on the basic level, you might not be able to utilize it well too

On top of that, it’s so much easier to teach in a practical setting rather than through text

So I will share with you another hypnotherapy technique instead!

It’s a 5 step process that’s fast, and simple to use!

Now before I teach this simple 5 step hypnosis process, I want to highlight a couple of things first

First of all, pain is the unconscious mind’s way to inform you of a problem, whatever that problem might be

It could be psychosomatic (which means the actual problem could be stress, emotional, psychological etc and manifest itself into the physical body) or it could be medical (like injuries, medical condition, physical condition etc)

So if a pain is psychosomatic in origin, that we need to resolve the original root cause of the problem, whether it’s stress, emotional etc and we can resolve it through hypnosis, counselling, coaching etc

And if the pain is medical in nature, then naturally, medical advice or consultation is a better choice

Lee McKing nature thinking

But how do you realize which is which? 

Ideally you can talk to both sides and based on that, form your own judgement on what to do next

(Because I know a lady who had stomach pain for a year and spent over $10,000 on medical checkups only to find out that she was perfectly healthy… then she found me and turns out her stomach pain was psychosomatic in nature and thus, she wasted a lot of time and money…a session with me and she was perfectly fine after)

So now you know the origins of pain!

Now what?

Well here is the other thing

In the event your pain is medical in nature, you might find the following technique doesn’t work that well

Because if there is an injury, the pain is to tell you to take care of yourself!

So if we reduce the pain that is medical in origin, then you might potentially put yourself in further danger

Ok so now you are thinking, what about my mum?!

Yea it’s an advanced hypnosis technique so it’s a different story and I won’t be teaching here today

I just want to make sure you are completely safe regardless of what happens ok?

And once you understand the conditions of pain

Then here is the 5 step hypnosis process to reduce pain!

  1. First, what is the level of the pain from a scale of 1 – 10 where 10 is super painful
  2. Next, focus on the pain and imagine a color or energy to represent the pain
  3. Notice if it is moving or still and what color it is
  4. If it is moving, change its direction and notice how the color changes. If it is still, start spinning it in a clockwise direction and notice how the color changes
  5. And while the above is happening, notice how the pain level drops?

Yup, a simple 5 step process to reduce your pain

And you can play a bit according to it’s movement and or color and see how far your pain will drop

Having said that, a gentle reminder again, if you reduce your pain and found it coming back or even didn’t work out at all, please know that the pain might be something medical so please seek some medical advice ok?

Lee McKing shrug

Or talk to me (shrug) 

And this isn’t the only way to reduce pain!

But it is one of the ways I do it (without using the advanced stuff)

Oh yea! If you could help to like and share this article with your friends so they too can learn something cool!

Especially if they complain about aches and pain often hehehe

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