How A Popular Fengshui Master Predict 2023 For The World

Presentation Lee McKing and Master Max

The year 2023 just started and now the Lunar New Year is around the corner!

So decided to share a bit about a fengshui master’s predictions for 2023

Just thought to prepare for the future

Master Max Liang seems to be Singapore’s most popular fengshui master currently on Tiktok with over 96k followers at the time of this post

And one of his videos was on how to fengshui your wallet using colors gaining over 3.8 million views!

So he must be doing something right 😉

Listening to his Facebook live on the predictions for 2023, I decided to share with you as well!

I record here after listening to his Facebook live so hopefully I understood correctly 😛

2023 is a Rabbit year which is a wood year, and the prevailing element is water, the issue is that we are crossing into the number 9 Earth energy which is fire element

So Master Max is saying we get a lot of wood in 2023 which goes into the fire and growing the fire for the subsequent years causing future issues

He shared that this Earth energy changes every 20 years, so if we look back 20 years, such as 2003-2004, and 1983-1984, we will notice that the change of the Earth energy will mess up things before they settle

So to clarify, the Earth energy will cycle from 1 to 9 every 20 years and each number will relate to a different elemental energy, such as fire, earth, metal, water, and wood

Flying Star for 2023

Master Max shared that since fengshui originate from China, and the people at that time think they were the centre of the world, hence the centre of this method will be China

This is the Flying Star technique with China as the centre 4 with reference to the world

China, with the 4 energy of growth and knowledge, comes after a reset, where in 2022 they had the energy of 5, which is problematic, hence it will start to build back up in 2023

So because of the low base in 2022, they will grow stronger in 2023, even though their economy might experience a dip

Master Max shared that 2 and 5 are inauspicious numbers, and thus those directions of East and North West might face some issues in 2023

US is East of China, and 2 represents minor sickness, thus US might have an escalation of illnesses in 2023, he shared that perhaps there might be a constant issue that generates such sickness

Northern Europe is North West of China, and 5 represents serious health problems, chaos or disruption

With inauspicious stars, there are auspicious stars too, represented by 8 and 9

Singapore is South with respect to China, and 8 is an auspicious star representing direct wealth

Thus in fact, any country under the South of China will grow and prosper in terms of economy, fortune and how things unfold

Russia and Mongolia is North of China and the number 9 is also an auspicious star, it represents good things happening

The Five Elements Chart done by Master Max Liang

Understanding The Transition

From 2004 to 2023 it belongs to the earth element because its the earth cycle 8, but now we are shifting to the fire cycle of 9 which will start in 2024 and run to 2043

Earth element will boost the earth industry, such as property, mining etc thus during this period of the cycle 8, they get boosted and grow

Once we cross into the cycle of 9, which is 2024 onwards, its the fire element and thus, the related fire industries, such as Petro-chemical, design, internet, electronics, automation, beauty, etc will get a boost and grow

An interesting trait about this number 9 cycle is that it has a beautifying effect, so basic fire industries such as Petro-chemical, crude oil etc only have a basic boost

However, the by-products or high value chain will experience a huge growth

For example, the internet might get a basic boost, but if we go specifically like social media that is related to high tech or beauty products, then that will have a huge boost

Or even if we look at normal beauty products, if they add a creative spin or unique ways to beautify, they will experience greater growth

2023 is a transition to 2024, because of this change of the cycle, thus we will experience a lot of ups and downs, a number of the fire related industries such as high tech and Petro-chemical, social media and electrical etc will experience this huge change before it settles into the new energies of the cycle 9

Presentation Lee McKing and Master Max

Blending Chinese Metaphysics and Numerology

Master Max also touched on Covid, during the cycle 8 earth element, currently last few years of 2019 is metal water, and we are going into water wood years, and virus is related to water element

2022 is an wood element but it is yang wood, 2023 is yin wood, and this will give more control to the Covid virus, but once we step into the fire cycle, there will be a clash between water and fire

He mentioned that he don’t know if there will be a new strain or a new virus and of course he is hoping it will not happen but do be aware and take care, stay healthy and stay safe

Based on numerology, 2023 is a number 7 year and it relates to water element, and it can have a good and bad effect

7 is like big water, and it can float your boat or capsize it

2023 is seen as a year of change as well, and he cautions that while 7 can be seen as lucky, it can also mean a change in luck

So when we look at Chinese metaphysics, 2023 is a wood year while in numerology, 2023 is a water year

Because Master Max is skilled in both fields, he is able to combine and interpret the elemental energies

Thus according to him, the water will promote wood, more wood will mean it will control more earth, more earth being controlled will create more situations to occur


The Effects on Jobs

Good industries will be high tech, creative beauty, innovative

The financial market might be pretty messy, because its metal element, and with so much wood being created, it will weaken the metal

The transport industry relates to water and because of too much wood, there will be a shortage of water going into 2023, thus affecting this industry

Too much wood will cause a slight instability of fire, even though wood promotes fire, because it is too much wood, it will spoil the balance

Property price will likely drop in 2023 because it is earth element, and being controlled by too much wood

Too much of anything can be bad as well, so too much wood will also affect wood industries

2023 is water wood and numerology is big water, so there might be big disasters relating to water happening in certain geographical locations

Lastly, when it comes to general health, because of the prevailing water wood energy that will be more prominent in 2023, it will be a very strong wood, and in health, the first affected will be lungs, second is kidneys, third is digestive system, fourth is liver and pancreas, and last is heart

What to look out for will start with respiratory illnesses, like nose and throat because it relates to the lungs, after which it might be some disease that leads to kidney failure or urinary system that affects the kidneys and bladder

He also cautioned that due to the energies, there might be new viruses going around, so do take care, have proper nutrition, water and rest

Master Max also cautioned that the worse time of 2023 is Spring because it is the wood element, which add even more wood to the whole equation and it starts on 4 Feb so do watch out

In Conclusion

I embedded his Facebook live here so you can watch the whole thing if you like 😀

Hence, to sum up, expect more problems in US and Northern Europe, China will reset and settle down, while South Asia countries will have good progress and growth, and Russia might get some benefit

Fire industries might be a bit unstable for a while but get the most growth, the other industries will have their own specific issues

Take care of your health, do wear a mask at appropriate times, drink water, eat proper food, exercise and build up your body

All in all, do be mentally and physically prepared for the storm that is coming

Do check out his website and follow his socials!

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