Happy Birthday To My Baby~!

Presentation Lee McKing and celebrate hypnosis

I’m like wow!

Never thought we can last so long together~

Like seriously, who would have thought?!

Do you want to make a guess how long has it been already?

I can wait XD




Ok la that was a lame and random poke at fun XD

7 years!!!

Isn’t that amazing?!

It’s been 7 years since we first started on this journey

And boy was it ever a ride!

It’s been 7 years since I started this practice as a professional hypnotist

Since I registered my trade and decided to focus on helping people effectively

Damn I still can’t believe it you know?

How time flies…

When I started I didn’t know what to expect

I mean, let’s face it

Hypnotherapy isn’t well known then

Public perception wasn’t positive about it

Naturally there was a lack of support all around

It’s just that I saw the connection

Of how God saved my life and led me to here

To be equipped with the skills and knowledge to heal myself from my past traumas and issues

And to realize the potential that I had in being able to help people heal from their own issues

Heck if anyone were to ask me how or why I became a hypnotist

I could probably talk for hours on end!

Because I saw how everything was connected together 😀


Just in case you thought “my baby” was my lover, at the time of this writing, I’m single


My baby is my business 😀

Anyway, honestly, never would I have thought that I will be working with some of the people I worked with

Or be conducting talks, workshops and mini lectures at some of the places I did it in

Encountering all sorts of people from all walks of life, with all sorts of unique issues and backgrounds

Learning through and with my clients, about the human mind and condition

It’s so amazing~

Although I’m in awe, I know that there is still a possibility that there is more out there

More to discover, learn and grow

Anyway, here are some random stats that I decided to keep track of over the years

I’ve hypnotized 782 unique people

Of which, a total of 3686 techniques were done

Ahem so as not to confuse anyone, I could have done 10 techniques on 1 person due to the constructs of the problem and the requirement for it, while maybe 3 techniques on another person

They can be the same techniques too, the main idea for tracking this was how much I was practicing my hypnosis per technique

The fastest time for a complete session of hypnosis was about 10 minutes

While the longest time for a complete session of hypnosis was about 2 hours

There were 2 such ladies who did such a long time because they had to cry for 30 minutes straight and I waited until they were ready to continue

However, one of the fastest? shortest? I don’t know how to describe this… quickest? in resolving an issue may belong to the lady who resolve 16 issues in 55 minutes or about 3.44 minutes per issue

For this, I don’t have a proper tracker or calculation, I just pick one of the most number of issues resolved in the quickest time because…

Is the most number of issues resolved 24 or 16?

The most number of issues resolved was 24 issues, in a session that took 1 hour and 40 minutes (which in case you were wondering, is about 4.2 minutes per issue)

To be fair, this same lady who resolved 24 issues also forgave 17 people in her life, and I count each person as a separate issue cause of the interpersonal arguments, communication etc

Meaning if we don’t count the people, she resolved 7 issues plus forgave 17 people, which is still the most number of people forgiven in a session of hypnosis

And in which case, the most number of issues resolved (without forgiveness) will be the lady previously mentioned, resolving 16 issues in 55 minutes

There was another guy who resolved 21 issues in 1 hour and 10 minutes but he forgave 10 people

Most fastest to heal… actually cannot define cause quite a few people heal during the hypnosis itself as we resolving their issues on the spot

Then it’s a matter of them proving to themselves that they are healed as they live their daily life

For example, some clients with pain find their pain gone within the session itself, or when it’s a physical skin condition, a couple of them open their eyes to new healed skin

The ones resolving anxiety or fear will be unable to find their anxiety or fear, just that, some may want to experience for themselves in specific situations first to confirm for themselves

Lee McKing authentic mirror image presentation

Some clients experience amazing changes

Some who suffered from depression previously in particular might experience some astounding changes

One such client cried tears of joy upon opening her eyes after the hypnosis and realizing that her depression is truly gone…

This is because in some cases, depression can cause one to see the world in shades of grey or dull color

So when she opened her eyes, she realized her room was full of colors which she never noticed before, hence she was overwhelmed with feelings of freedom and happiness

She even updated me about an hour later that even the chocolate she ate was more flavorful!

The longest I spend with a client’s family for a chat alone was 6.5 hours, while the longest I spend with a single client for a chat was 4 hours

On the other hand, the longest time with a client at a stretch, which includes a chat plus hypnosis, was 8 hours

The most number of chats I had with a client was for 3 months straight weekly on Tuesday, which will be 12 chats

For her, this is because she wasn’t ready to resolve her issues however she felt the chats were useful in understanding herself and helping her slowly and progressively open her mind to the idea of healing

The most number of hypnosis done by a single client is a total of 7 hypnosis sessions

I mentioned in another article that when the issues are complex or when the client is unable to forgive someone, the number of sessions may exceed 1

Hers was a combination of complexity and unable to forgive, so each session we target a different issue and while most of her issues she saw progress (her friends too), there were a couple that needed 2 sessions instead

Presentation Broken Mind

On that note, there may be a client who may exceed that

A lady, whose issue has possibly the highest complexity, has done 5 sessions of hypnosis and may still need more

Her issue is what I call a fragmented mind, which is highly complex in terms of piecing her mind back together part by part… thankfully there is a lot of change and progress since the first time we did the hypnosis 😀

In the beginning she is sitting there as if she isn’t with us, after the sessions thus far, she is able to initiate conversations with me and other people!

The youngest client I hypnotized was aged 7, while the oldest client was aged 83

The current total number of countries where my clients have come from is 19 countries

Which included nearby countries like Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia, to further countries like Scotland, Japan, USA

Most number of clients I ever had in a day was 6

Least will be 0 or 1 hahahahahaha

Most number of family members that came with the client was 7

Most busy months seems to be June and December

Least busy months are January and February

Although for this, I am recalling mainly pre-Covid because when Covid hit, everything changed

June and December might be able it’s the holidays so children got time to see me, and parents have to take leave for December

January and February is because after New Year, most Chinese families are preparing for Chinese New Year and doing spring cleaning

I must say though, another least busy month will be the month when I am on reservist XDDD

Or at least, 2 weeks busy 2 weeks no clients cause I’m in camp

Presentation Lee McKing in Uni

What about some unusual cases?

I want to share a most weird or interesting case but I got quite a few so that will be an article on its own (or two)

Although to be fair, I’m counting them based on what I remember so perhaps some figures is +1 -1 haha

Anyway, I think that’s enough of some random stats about my practice thus far

I want to thank you for reading up to here 😀

Every article you read, and share is evidence of your support for me

And I thank you!!

I hope that my articles and sharing have been educational, entertaining and enticing for you thus far, and may they continue to intrigue, inspire and improve your life!!

Some of you have mentioned to me how interesting my articles are

One lady even texting me how she started reading and couldn’t stop because of how intriguing it was until she read for 8 hours straight!! XDDD

Meanwhile, if you want to keep up to date with my blog posts, articles and more

Feel free to like and follow me on my Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and the latest Tiktok

If you have any questions, go ahead and drop me a DM too

Til then, cheers and thank you once again for your support~

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