Exploring The Idea of Parallel Universes

Presentation Lee McKing and parallel universe

Hold on hold on McKing What?!

Isn’t this a information trove about hypnosis, the mind and psychology?

Ok ok I get it~

Why I am talking about parallel universes or the multiverse in a hypnosis website?

Well, if you bear with me for a bit you will know why 😉

In fact, even before Marvel’s “Spiderman No Way Home” or “Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness” (or even Loki come to think of it), the idea of parallel universes have always existed

And obviously, I’m not talking about movies

The concept of a parallel universe is somewhat controversial and also not easy to prove

And in fact, there are a few ideas or possibilities of how the multiverse can exist

In that sense, it truly is about infinite possibilities

And it’s not like the “What If” series from Marvel either

But for today I definitely will not be going into all the different theories of the multiverse yea?

I am just going to focus on a particular idea… and from that train of thought branch into hypnosis

Yes, I’m going to link that together haha

Without going into too much mumbo jumbo and jargon…

There exist an idea of a parallel universe which splits based on your decisions or actions

To keep it simple

Say when you were a child and you had a couple of dreams whether its of interest or job or whatever

In this framework, the alternate realities will start to split

Say you had an interest in music like the piano, fast cars and medicine

One of you could have focused on and eventually become a famous pianist

An alternate you could have discarded the idea of a pianist, and be a car racer

Another you could be a doctor working in the hospital

And yes, the doctor you could play the piano fortnightly… but perhaps wonder what will happen if he stuck to piano and gave up medicine?

Or you might have set up a business researching medicine, playing piano for fun and have an massive Hot Wheels collections

And so on

Of course, based on this idea, with so many people in the world, and so many choices one can make throughout their lives, there will be an infinite number of alternate universes or realities

It’s insane!

Even if we isolate to core choices (instead of choosing between eating chicken rice or duck rice haahhahaha like a universe splitting off because you choosing between chicken or duck rice hahahaha)

Ahem even if we focus on core choices, it will still be an insane amount of alternate realities branching out

And of course, there will be a bunch of people who perhaps felt they didn’t have any choice even in the core choices due to their individual circumstances

“My mum like him so I married him” – said a client of mine

In a way, she gave up the idea of choice for relationship, so it will seem inevitable that she will marry him because her mom like the boyfriend

Stuff like that

Anyway, so what?

Lee McKing chatting with a female client NLB

How does knowing this help me improve my life?

Because if you are reading this, it’s either for interest or you want to improve your life

That’s the hypnosis bit hehehe

Now, going back to the earlier part, and just imagine for a moment

What are some choices, skills or interests, that if you focus on when you were young, you will be able to develop now to a decent level?

Ok that’s a big question

While you slowly think about it, I’ll share a story

So I was watching this video about this 80+ year old man at that time (sorry I forgot his name cause it was a few years ago) and how he develop this technique to learn from his other him

And he shared how he had an interest in playing the piano but he didn’t go into it

So based on the above mentioned idea of the multiverse, then there is another him who did go into playing the piano and become quite skilled at it

He did this technique on himself and met his other him, and asked the other him to teach him how to play the piano

And then he came out and started playing, becoming quite skilled at it

He did this for a couple of other skillsets and becoming pretty skilled at each one easily

I’m not saying he become some world famous grandmaster level, but decently skilled at it

Are you sh*tting me McKing? Is that really possible?

Well, of course I will want to test on myself first before I share with you right~

So I did

After all, there isn’t any harm to it right?

Lee McKing importance of hypnosis

When I first learnt hypnosis, I decided to “cheat”

I used that alternate reality technique to meet the other McKing, just that this other McKing is already a famously skilled hypnotist

And I learnt hypnosis directly from him and brought that level of skill back to this reality

To the point where when I was in the hypnosis course, some of the classmates were saying I might be the reincarnation of Milton Erickson (which I disagree)

After that, when I wanted to start a business, I did this technique to meet another McKing, one who is a businessman already

Although his business wasn’t hypnosis, I could still learn a few things from him and incorporate those teachings into this reality


You can choose to believe this technique might actually work, or you might rather think I just happen to be an extremely talented hypnotist running a business

Either way the chances are pretty slim XD

Now that you heard a couple of stories, yea!~

What are some skills or interests from your childhood which you didn’t follow?

Especially if following those skills or interests is something you want to do now

For example, I used to have an interest in playing chess when I was younger, and pretty skilled too

However, I do not see the need to relearn the skill or knowledge to be an expert level at this point in time

Whereas the business tips is a good one for me because I was intending to start this as my professional trade

Sometimes it can be related to the business or career path, other times the skills or interests is just to cultivate your hobbies again

It depends on what you want

happy and free girl

Now what will happen in your life if you could get that skill back?

Or develop a level of mastery over an interest or hobby

What could change in your life?

I guess a curious question now is how or why does it work?!

What I figured is that regardless of whether it is real or not, your mind can formulate the possibilities as if you really got the skill

And from there, it generates the neurology for the skill, fires the neurons to develop and grow that skill

Now, is it possible that doing it once will let you immediately get the skill at that level of mastery?

For some, it may be possible, for most, it might not

After all, you also need to practice the skill

The other thing to remember is that certain skills require the use of the physical body

For example, me being able to be a good hypnotist requires my mind and my mouth and vocals, which is straight forward

However, for a photographer, other than hand eye coordination, the ability to spot good angles and pictures etc etc you also need hands

So unfortunately, you cannot suddenly be a good runner with no legs (unless you get prosthetics

Nor can you suddenly be a gymnast if you never exercise or stretch your entire life

The flexibility, strength, of your muscles and body are required for some skills to develop and grow

Well, all in all, that is a simple sharing from me about how the idea of parallel universes and hypnosis can be linked 🙂

And no, I wasn’t planning on teaching the method because each person might need a personalized tweak depending on what skills they want to learn from the other them (and depending on the other them personality too for communication and negotiation)

Share with your friends! 😀

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