Do You Feel Like You Are Stuck In A Rut?

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Do you feel like you are just stuck in life?

Like you are in a rut and feeling stagnated?

Things are not going as they seem…

Like there are things you want to do!!

But it feels like there is a wall blocking you

Like some Star Wars evil character is using the force on you

And you cannot seem to find a way to move forward

Or worse…

There are chains holding you back 

Like you are chained to a prison wall

And forced to live day in day out

The same old thing every single day

If some or all of the above is exactly how you feel right now, then you might want to read on for a bit

Now you probably heard this before

It’s all in your mind!

And it truly is, the only problem is…

How do you fix it?

That’s where I come in with hypnosis

You see, hypnosis is a tool to guide you to find your keys to the doors in your mind

Case study 1

I had this male client came down to my office and said he was feeling stuck in his career

He felt like there was a barrier or a wall blocking him from advancing

He felt he could do so much more but he was completely stuck

And had no idea what to do

In just 1 session with me

We unlocked his potential in his unconscious mind

I will spare you the details for now of exactly what happened

But you can ask me when we meet

Months later, not only did he have a newfound passion in his career

He has been improving like never before!

In fact, he is became successful enough to get a Rolex watch!

Case Study 2

Now some people are stuck because they are in their comfort zone

They may fear the unknown or fear change

One entrepreneur came to me with fears of failure

And that was why she was stuck and unable to move forward with her ideas

During the chit chat session, we uncovered not only the fear of failure, but the fears of unknown and the fear of change

And this is important

Because when you fear the unknown, you will not step into new territory

Because when you fear change, you will be hesitant to take up new roles and responsibilities

Because when you fear failure, you will be afraid to take on new tasks

And that’s why she was stuck even though she wanted to be an entrepreneur

With a bit of hypnosis, I helped her to overcome all her fears and to find a new lease of life!

Case Study 3

A lady came to me to resolve her emotional issues relating to her relationship

Or rather, the emotions after the breakup

She couldn’t let go of the past

These chains held her back from seeking a new relationship, a new love

And she isn’t alone

I had another lady who had emotional issues stemming all the way back to her family, her childhood

And these chains affected her in a form of recurring nightmares

Once I understood how these chains were formed in their mind

It was just a matter of using the right technique, with the right level of receptivity from the clients

And we unlocked those chains and “POOF” they were gone!

What does this mean for you?

If you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward in life

And you are open to the idea of using hypnosis as a guide to your unconscious mind

We are arrange a chit chat session so we can be both on the same page

You understand how I do my hypnosis and I understand your issues and how your mind works

From there, you can choose whether you want to continue with my services or not

And if you do, you can experience a similar or even greater sense of release and freedom

Just like the case studies above

All you have to do now is to fill up your details in the purple button and I will get back to you shortly

Or you can text me on my Facebook page here

Chat soon! 🙂

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