Do Past Lives Exist?

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This is a really big question you know…

Because under Buddhism and Hinduism, karma exists and karma is why they believe in past lives and reincarnation

Karma by the way, is not just “bad” karma

There is “good” karma too 🙂

Anyway that’s a completely different ball game already hahaha

Now the Catholics, Christians and Muslims generally don’t believe in past lives

Although the Catholics and Christians do believe in reincarnation in one way or another

Just not the soul in a new body

Anyone can share whether Muslims share the same view?

And yes, some people here and there might have the views regarding past lives to be not of their religion

Example a Buddhist might not believe in past lives while a Catholic might believe in past lives

Let’s not go there right now

The real question is, do past lives exist?

Interestingly enough, there is some evidence of past lives and reincarnation being real

And it’s not because of past life hypnosis hahahah

There are case studies of children who know of stuff that they should not know

Or even more interestingly, children who remember their previous life details, how they died and even led people to where they are buried!

You can read some here!

But I get where you are coming from, the scientific person you are

Are these past life stories real?

I have no idea to be honest *shrug*

Now as a Catholic and a hypnotist, I do not let my religion come into my treating my clients

In fact, I am a very open person 🙂

Now what do I mean by this statement? (The one before me being open haha)

Basically, if my clients are experiencing something hypnotic and they tell me they think it is a past life, then I believe them and say it’s a past life

If they say it’s just their imagination, well alright, it’s their imagination

You might be wondering, why do I do this?

If I did a past life hypnosis, aren’t those past lives?

Well not exactly, at least not to me anyway

It may be possible the person is experiencing a real past life experience, but it may also be possible the person is experiencing something else

Let me explain something interesting about the unconscious mind

The unconscious mind will construct its problems into symbols

Partly because it stores information as symbols and partly because it’s easier to manage

Now what does this mean?

This mean it may be possible that for a particular problem, the unconscious mind might construct the issue into something that looks like a past life

Because the symbol, environment, experience does not seem like it is within the life you are experiencing now

I will be honest, it may be possible

It is also possible that the past life the client is experiencing is completely 100% real

Presentation Lee McKing and looking up wondering whether past lives are real
A question on many people’s minds… are past lives real?

“Hold on a second McKing! You are confusing me!” 

Well, I might be, but hear me out first

I have both perspectives because the client can take either or

The client who believes it is an actual past life and the client who doesn’t believe in past lives

Yet, whichever they think it is, it can still resolve the issue

Fascinating isn’t it?

There is one more thing I want to point out, again with our imagination

In USA, past life hypnosis on females end up many of them being Cleopatra

Any idea why is this so?

Well, I think it’s because the females there who want to know their past lives and perhaps adore Cleopatra in one way or another, end up imagining the whole experience as their truth

The mind is really weird sometimes eh?

And by the way, this is also one reason why I don’t do past life hypnosis for curiosity sake lol

The other reason I don’t do past life hypnosis for curiosity sake is because we might open a can of worms and the client might decide not to come back to me to properly resolve it

That’s not so good for karma ain’t it?

To clarify, I do do past life regression therapy for therapeutic purposes

Otherwise, nope

So!! What do you think?

Are past lives real? Comment below! 😀

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