Do Medicine And Hypnosis Go Together?

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So you might be wondering…

Do medicine and hypnosis go together?

Well, not exactly

As we all know, medicine is usually prescribed by a doctor or a psychiatrist

While hypnosis is… hypnosis

And it’s considered an alternative treatment

So back to the question of whether they can work together…

In my honest opinion…


And I’m going to explain why

In fact, it’s a natural phenomena of being human

State Independent Learning

Ok it may seem like a wow!

So let me define it for you

State independent learning is an idea or concept where we humans learn in different states and that when we cross to another state, the learnings we learn in a previous state don’t necessary cross over


Ok that was quite a mouthful haha

Let’s break it down bit by bit

So a state is usually an emotional state 

We got happy states, sad states, stressed states, relaxed states… etc

You get the picture

Every emotion we can feel, is considered a state

A classic example I like to use is this:

You know when we are studying for exams, and we are stressed out?!

We go into exams still stressed!

And when we finished our exams, we relax and chill!!

And pretty much completely forgot whatever we studied?

Has that ever happened to you before?

Well that’s an example of state independent learning

What we learned under stress, we “forget” when we go into a different state, like a relaxed state

Ok “so what” right?

Well here’s the thing

While we have emotional states, we also have chemical states

So alcohol, medicine, drugs etc can produce a state specific to the item consumed

That’s why a perfectly smart person can seemingly lose intelligence under the influence of such things

So what does this mean for you? 

Well in daily life, it means that if you want to learn something

Make sure you are in an optimum state

Whether it’s stressed or relaxed

And of course, don’t attempt to learn or do anything under alcohol!


Wait McKing, is that it??

Of course not!

Going back to the question of medicine and hypnosis and whether they work together

You might start to see why I say “not exactly”

You see, in hypnosis, a person can find solutions or learnings to help solve or resolve a problem

However, under the influence of chemicals like medicine, it can potentially hinder the hypnosis or due to state independent learning, the client might “forget” or “lose access” to the learnings

Imagine this for a moment

A person can come to me for hypnosis but is at 80% dosage of medicine

(I mean to say he or she took it for some time and it’s reducing over time)

And let’s say he or she insists on hypnosis for therapeutic purposes

And he may find it

However, when the dosage is at say 20%

He or she might feel like the initial problems are coming back

Therefore the person may need another session with me

So what do I recommend for this?

Now it’s a case by case basis, but I generally prefer if the client does not take any medication for a few days

However, if you are under medication, you may need to check with your doctor or psychiatrist if it’s ok to stop taking a while

It really depends on the condition as well as the type of medication after all

After which, the hypnosis will be much more effective

Of course, if it’s not possible to stop the medication for medical reasons

Then the disclaimer is that we may need to do a couple of sessions to reinforce the solutions and learnings we found under hypnosis so that eventually the client does not need the medication in the long run

Lee McKing phone

Naturally, there are exceptions, but very rare 

For example, I had a client who had anxiety and took medication for it and after a single session with me, he didn’t need the medication after that

He thanked me as he wished me Happy Lunar New Year!

However, most cases are where a client feels like the issues are coming back (just a bit, not in full) after the hypnosis because they were chose to continue taking medication when they came for the hypnosis

So it’s really a case by case basis

The human mind is truly incredible 

Now if you are in doubt, or have any questions, do drop me a message on my Facebook Page or contact your doctor and hear both sides before deciding what to do

Til then, if you know a friend who might learn a thing or two reading this article, do share this with them!

And I’ll see you soon 🙂

(I mean not literally, more like you reading my website blog)

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