Defining The Law of Attraction

Lee McKing facebook meetup event Law of attraction

Ok so this is a workshop on Defining the Law of Attraction that I did recently

lee mcking live demo law of attraction

And needless to say, it went well!

I broke down how the Law of Attraction (LOA) works as well as why it doesn’t work for everyone

And then I shared how the participants can utilise this LOA much more effectively

This is because I have my Singapore Hypnosis Meetup group

Where my members get to grow and learn about various aspects of hypnosis

It opened up their minds and worlds where they can understand how certain practices and teachings come together

There were some good interactions and discussions as well (which is how our meetups go anyway)

Anyway, I did a live demonstration of how to apply the Law of Attraction in goal setting

And it was an amazing experience with him feeling the excitement and seeing the picture!

Lastly, of course, our group photo with the new banner!

lee mcking group photo law of attraction

Update: The guy came back and gave an awesome testimonial of how it worked for him!! Now I am thinking if I should do a rerun XD

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