Can Hypnosis Help Children?

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The short answer is, sure it can 🙂

Here is the rundown:

If you are a parent, then whatever you say can influence your child in more ways than 1

I use “hypnotised” loosely here but yes, if you are a parent, you are hypnotising your children

Whether for good or bad

Thankfully, it’s not always the case, however you must know that whatever you say or do, especially when children are around, can affect them

If by accident, they have something which requires someone else to clear or resolve, yes, I can help in some cases, depending on the issue

For example, a child might develop a fear of cats or dogs because of a traumatic incident involving said animal and I can help to resolve it

On the other hand, if a parent has such a fear, say cockroaches, and the actions and emotions of the parent when a cockroach is around influences (or hypnotised) the child to develop such a fear, then not only do I need to help the child, I need to help the parent too

Otherwise, the child’s unconscious mind will be thinking, “my mum/dad is still afraid of cockroaches, maybe it’s ok to be afraid” and my therapy can unravel

So that’s the quick explanation of fears, which to me is so simple to resolve, it’s like bursting the bubble and the fear is gone

Other issues like trauma, procrastination etc etc can be resolved too, however the child must want to resolve it

A child might feel low self esteem and want to feel confident while another child might have a fear of heights and totally fine with it

I can help one, but not the other

Today I touch briefly on children’s fears as well as how some fears can develop in children

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions 🙂

I will end with a client’s testimonial – a teenager with some fears in life (name was changed to protect identity)

I chanced upon McKing’s interview in The New Paper in July 2016 and I decided to seek his help. He was professional and explained how hypnosis can help resolve my fears. These fears have been hindering and causing quite a huge problem for me. After seeing McKing, I really felt different afterwards. I was a lot more calmer after that single session. It has been 9 months and I highly recommend it!!

– *Rachel (name changed), 18, 30 March 2017

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