Are You Truly Happy?

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Imagine you have lived a life that has been pretty ok

You lived through your childhood

You recall bits and pieces from school

You think you did ok too back in school

You’ve gone to college or polytechnic

And eventually went to university too

Boy was that fun (and stressful at the same time)

You found a partner along the way

Graduated and got a job too

Wait a minute…

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Have you truly been happy?

In your job?

Your relationship?

Your marriage?

Your life?

I mean yea, maybe you have been happy

Like really happy in these areas and more

And that’s perfect

I’m genuinely happy for you!

I’m glad all is well 🙂

However, if you are one of those who realize that you were never truly happy…

Then read on my friend…

Well there could be several reasons why you aren’t happy

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One of which is that you are not the real you

You see, you could have been living your parents’ dreams

Fulfilling your parents’ wishes

Achieving goals for your parents and family

So they can be happy and proud of you

To be honest, there is nothing wrong with that

It’s just that you were in their shoes for so long…

That you haven’t been the real you in a long, long time…

And if you are starting to realize this

Then you might want to relearn how to be the real you again

To be authentic

That will begin the start of your journey towards your authentic self!

That will be the first step to you achieving your true happiness!

“Ok so McKing, I get it that I’ve haven’t been the real me in forever, is being authentic all there is to being happy?”

Great question!

Yes, there might be more to uncover

You see, after you start finding your authentic self

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The next step is to figure out your values

What do you truly value in your career?

What do you truly value in your relationship/ marriage?

You need to figure out these values because otherwise, you will never satisfy your unconscious emotional desires

These values and unconscious emotional desires can help you in many ways

To drive you and motivate you

To fill you with passion and love

To bring joy and wonder

To an otherwise mundane life

So you started your journey by being authentic

And you are figuring out your values in various aspects of life

The last bit is to check if there is anything hindering you from achieving happiness

“Huh? Like what? What could that be?”

There could be various limiting beliefs that hinder one from happiness

For example, the belief of a lifetime of suffering or a fear of happiness

I know, I know

That sounds ridiculous

But hey, in my line of work

I’ve encountered various unique cases that seems “ridiculous” at times

So I can ensure you that it’s possible

Let me share two case studies of mine

The first case was a young 24 year old lady

She was adopted when she was 3 years old

However, her adoptive family turned out to be abusive

Both verbally and physically

They often cursed her as if adopting her brought bad luck to the house!

Little did she know how such a childhood will have adverse side effects…

You might be surprised to know that a baby can recognise his or her parents, especially the mother, even as an infant below age 3

And what happened was that when she was adopted

A question lingered

“Is it my parents don’t love me?”

And when she was verbally abused by her adoptive parents as if she brought bad luck

That suffering made her feel like “she was meant to suffer in her life”

She got into a relationship later on, but it was an abusive relationship

She got pregnant, but was forced to abort the fetus

That’s when she came crying to me

Whether she was meant to suffer and can never find happiness in this life

It broke my heart to hear of such a sad life

Wait until you hear the next one

This case is about a 45 year old lady

She was married but going through a divorce

She came to see me due to anger issues

During the hypnosis, she went into her unconscious mind

And the symbol of chains appeared

These chains were surrounding her body

All of a sudden, she broke down and cried

I calmed her down and she finally told me

“These chains represent my fear of happiness, I’m afraid to be happy… It’s like if I am happy, something bad might happen”

And she started shivering in fear

Then I had to help her resolve this fear

These 2 cases had something inside them that prevented them from being happy

The belief of a life of suffering

And the fear of happiness

And there could be other variations of limiting beliefs that hinder happiness too

Wait for me to encounter such beliefs and maybe I’ll share next time

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So how to be truly happy?

To sum up

  1. Be authentic
  2. Find your values
  3. Resolve any limiting beliefs of happiness (if any)

And you will be well on your way to a life of true happiness!

PS. Delusions of happiness isn’t true happiness… there is a fine line of being positive and being delusional…

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