An Unknown Story of Why I Started Being A Hypnotist

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Most people will know the usual story I share of how I become a hypnotist

Briefly, what I share is about how my lung burst suddenly in my sleep and I could have died in days from suffocation or in minutes if the air were to crush my heart

That’s what the doctor said to me, when I reached the hospital and saw an X-ray of my right lung being the size of a chicken egg

Yes, it was that small!

And that traumatic event developed into a form of post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD for short

Which tormented me during my poly years and subsequently, I ended up in depression

Fast forward, I learnt Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis from two different schools overseas, and used the techniques I learnt to help myself recover from my mental health issues

That’s the short run down of how I become a hypnotist, the usual story that I share

Presentation Lee McKing and in a flux of emotions

But humans are naturally complex beings

And truthfully, that’s one of the stories that made me who I am today

Without a shadow of a doubt

Which also means, there are other stories that I haven’t shared for various reasons

Which also attributed to why I decided to become a hypnotist

And to help people with mental health issues (among other things)

As luck with have it, a producer got in touch with me, and we met for breakfast and a chat

It was a sort of offline interview about me and my story, of how I became a hypnotist

And after sharing my stories with him, gosh, there were tears in his eyes

You could see that hint of sadness in them

And he felt that it will be good for me to share this particular story

Because perhaps, a lot of people might resonate with it

As he did

So here’s the interview I did with The Royal Singapore

It’s about how my dad died and how I had to deal with guilt and grief from it

Which got me into depression the first time

Although of course, I didn’t know it was depression back then

And this happened before my lung burst too

Essentially, if you are curious to know, this happened, and then about a year passed, and I entered National Service or the army

And then after that, I went back into polytechnic where my lung burst

Sheesh never a moment of peace eh~

Although at the same time, it’s because of all these events happening in such a time, that got me to focus on what’s necessary for myself, my mental health

And how I needed to recover and resolve my issues within myself first and foremost

Presentation self love

That’s a form of self love too

Of course, whatever that has happened, had already happened, and I don’t blame anyone for anything

Because blaming someone for something, is not a path towards resolving my issues nor a way to recover

Seeking a way to release the issues, the hurt and pain, that’s the way to recovery

And there are many ways to do so

If you are reading up to now, perhaps you have some hurt and pain somewhere

Whether it’s a big or small one

Whether it was from the past, or is still ongoing

For you who might still have ongoing hurt, especially if it’s coming from another person, do understand there are always choices

Such as stepping away from that person, is a choice, may or may not be the best choice, but it’s still a choice

Making peace is also a choice, whether you like it or not, whether you can do it or not

And there are other ways too

Whereas if it’s dealing with past pain, it’s time to consider whether you want to let go, and ready to let go

A bully who used to bully you years ago, might not even remember you anymore!

As ironic as it sounds, only you are holding onto the hurt at the moment, so it’s time to consider to let it go

Letting go of the emotional hurt and pain may not be easy, but knowing that it’s possible eventually is key

Because then you know you can one day be free from it

Presentation Lee McKing and Japan walk

“This too shall pass”

The origin of this quote seems to date back to Persian times or even King Solomon, although it became more popular with Abraham Lincoln

Anyway, it’s a simple quote and yet reminds us about the impermanence of things

That it will only last for a limited period of time

And so, holding on to hurt and pain, doesn’t seem to make much sense now does it?

Recognizing that you can let go and release the hurt and pain from you heart and soul, which means one day you can be free to enjoy life just the way you want it to be

Is the first step towards recovery

At least, that’s what I realized too

When I learnt about the mind, about hypnosis, and how it all works 🙂

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