An Encounter With… The White King

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So I decided to start another series “An Encounter With…” where I document and blog about the hypnosis experiences that my clients experience during their sessions

And you might be wondering, what’s the difference between this series, and “The Story in Your Mind” series

Well the main difference is – this series gets in touch with higher beings, Gods and angels

OMG what!!?

Yea!! Some of my clients experience really powerful stuff and I thought to share!

And in case you are wondering whether such beings and Gods are real or not…

Well, it’s real for my clients and so we will leave it as it is 🙂

So today, “An Encounter With… The White King” is about this lady, let’s call her Susan, and how she encountered God (she’s a Christian)

An Encounter With… The White King

Susan is talking to me under hypnosis

Susan is currently in her room and after orienting a bit, she realize her window caught her attention

Turns out her window was the doorway into her unconscious mind

The window opened, and she floated upwards towards Heaven~

And now she found herself in a place full of white, on clouds no less

white castle

And she saw a huge church palace in front of her 

She walked towards it

When she opened the door, she entered and saw pews of people, dressed all in white, sitting at the sides and facing the front

She walked down the centre, it was majestic on the inside

And she saw a white king standing in front

This king, dressed in beautiful white robes, was tall and smiling as she came up to him

He reached behind him, and took out a beautiful jewellery box and passed it to her

Susan took it gently, feeling a sense of awe, peace, love and power

She admired the jewellery box, it was covered in gold, and various gems like diamonds and rubies

And then she opened it, and found it was filled with sparkling dust

I asked her whether she knows what this means, and she said yes!

“I have to sprinkle this all over the world!”

And she flew out of the palace, and started sprinkling the sparkling dust all over the world!

As she was sprinkling the sparkling dust, she felt a sense of wonder and happiness

And once she was done, I brought her out of hypnosis

And that was it

Interestingly enough, her issue was resolved in that single session and she grew so much from it!

So what happened?

Now in this case, entering the church palace, receiving the jewellery box and sprinkling the sparkling dust all over the world were a couple of things which her unconscious mind help her to resolve her issues

And of course, we can see very clearly the resemblance to her Christian faith and beliefs

So all in all, it was a very interesting experience indeed!

What makes this so special was that it was my first hypnosis experience where God came into the picture too

And no, just to remind you, I did not do any special hypnosis to give her such an experience

So what do you think?

How do you make sense of it?

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