An Encounter With… The Unknown Being

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In the previous article, I shared about how a client had “An Encounter with… The Norse God Thor Odinson

And it was where a client unlocked his potential for growth with help and guidance from Thor, The Norse God of Thunder!

Meanwhile, things took a spooky turn during the Hungry Ghost Month or the 7th Lunar Month in the last “The Story In Your Mind” where another client recounted about The Boy on The Bus

That fateful night traumatized him in a way unlike any other, and caused him to develop an extreme fear of transportation

Anyway, in today’s encounter, we have Zoe (not her real name) who is probably one of the youngest cases that I’m sharing under the “Story” and “Encounter” series of cases

She was 14 when we connected for a chat and for the hypnosis – needless to say, her mom was the one who contacted me first

Her mom did hypnosis with me for her own issues, and after realizing how effective it can be to resolve her issues, she decided to share with her daughter about me

Back to Zoe, her issues consist of anger as well as porn addiction, both of which she felt she need to control herself in

She was also in a period of time where she wanted to do her own things, but she didn’t know what to do

She was lost, to put it simply

Once she was ready, we begin her hypnosis for…

researching how to counter spells

An Encounter With… The Unknown Being

Zoe is talking to me under hypnosis

She started in a safe place, her bedroom

Lying under her blanket, in bed feeling safe and comfortable

Once she was ready, she got out and walked towards the door

Stepping through, she saw herself in a forest

It was a cold night in the forest, with just trees around her

Zoe saw something… and she realize it was a telephone booth

Like those you might find in London, a classic red telephone booth

She entered it, and picked up the phone

Here, I guided her with some questions to find out what is happening

“I represent blood!”

The red telephone booth replied her

I asked her to ask the telephone booth further questions

“The blood… is the truth… of who you are… and what you can be… it will also represent the world to you…”, it told her so…

Zoe was puzzled, it didn’t make sense to her, and who can blame her?

The unconscious mind is usually illogical anyway but I gain some insight to this

Between you and me, these were my thoughts but I didn’t tell her this

You see, Zoe is only 14, and my guess was puberty had just started or have started for some time

I didn’t confirm whether the timing of her period and the timing of her starting to watch porn was aligned or not, but that might be the key to this puzzle

And the truth then, is that she is becoming a woman and will eventually be exposed to such things

However of course, her unconscious mind interpreted that she has to search for porn now, which is not appropriate – hence it’s a problem

If my guess is right, resolving this will resolve her porn addiction

PS. Dear reader, not all porn addiction is so simple if it works out *spoiler: it did*

Through the resolution, the red telephone booth started to disintegrate and finally it was gone

And even through she was still in the forest, there was now a glow

A golden shimmering path was revealing itself!

Zoe walked down this path through the forest, and she came to a clearing

There she found a golden harp in the middle, as if it was waiting for her

As she conversed with the golden harp, she described the harp to have a personality

Like a sassy person!

the cave to another world

The light in the darkness of suffering and pain

The golden harp shared that it came about because of tragedy, of accidents, and of death

And it represented hope

However, in order for Zoe to receive this light, she has to first enter the darkness within

“Ok I’m ready”, she said to the golden harp

And just like that, she had whizzed away to another place (in her mind, not in reality~)

“Where am I?”

“I have no idea where you are in your mind, but you are still in the chair in your room” (we did on Zoom by the way), I replied her, “Take your time, remember you are safe, just look around and describe what you see, feel, hear…”

“Um… I see myself in a car accident, and I’m trapped, and OMG I can feel the pain!”

“Interesting… have you experienced this before?”

“No McKing, I never! Where am I?”

“Alright, tell you what, if you want to know where you are, then we got to reverse the time in this place for a bit. Is that ok with you?”

“Ok”, when she gave the ok, time reverse itself to a few minutes ago

And now she saw herself in the car, as a passenger beside the driver

Driver was a man, she was a woman, but she was an older woman

The driver was driving before it crashed into another car, and she felt the impact, the shock and fear again

However, this time she can hear Cantonese language outside, saying something like “Call the ambulance”, “OMG so much blood” and so on

Now she knew she was in Hong Kong

So I told her, to reverse time, and this time slow down and remind her she can stop the time in this event whenever she wants to

And also, to look at the guy beside her, who is he?

She had to play with the time until it came to the moment where she happen to look at the other guy

And she realize it was her father in this current life, only in this memory, this man was her husband or boyfriend?

She wasn’t sure… the memories are fuzzy… a couple other things pop up for her…

She was 40+ in this memory of hers… and it’s 21 Oct 1964…

Since there was nothing else, I guided her to release this traumatic event

When that was done, the golden harp appeared and started to turn black and it told her there is more…

Once she was ready, everything changed and now she saw herself in a plane flying in the sky

Someone mentioned a volcano… and then everything went black

She felt a mixed of fear, anger and grief

I guided her to reverse time again… all the way further back…

And now she saw a man, being conscripted as a soldier

Wearing a red sash with a white star and saluting another person

Interestingly enough, it was quite clear to her…

This wasn’t her past life

She could feel the connection between her and the previous memory in the car accident

But she didn’t feel the same connection with this soldier

She continued watching this memory play out

Saw him boarding a train, and waving out

So many soldiers waving bye to the crowd of women, children and elderly

Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash

“OMG… I think I’m in World War 1 or 2?!”

Although she couldn’t recognize the language they were speaking

Fast forward the soldier she was observing board the plane, which flew over the volcano and due to something, crashed into it

In this case, I asked her to remove herself from this memory into a safe place and allow that man to appear so we can communicate with him

The soldier appeared and when he saw her, he called out, “Harriet… I can’t believe it’s you…”

“Erm I’m not Harriet…”

“What are you talking about, Harriet, it’s me… I missed you so much…”

“Ok… but I’m not Harriet… and… although I don’t know or recognize you… somehow it feels like… I do know you…”

“Of course! It’s me! Listen to me…”

However at this point, he started speaking in the foreign language which Zoe said she could understand at first but when she came out she cannot remember what was mentioned

“Someone is spying… I cannot talk for long… take care…”

The soldier ended and disappeared

Then everything vanished and she found herself in the clearing again, this time the harp is transforming into a white bathtub representing purity

Suddenly a deck of poker cards appeared

A deck of poker cards with the 4 of Spades shown

It said it represented mischief, and yet hope and new life

“I’m looking for someone”, it said

“Is it me you are looking for?”


“Then who are you looking for?”


“McKing my head hurts…”

Lee McKing shrug presentation

That’s why I’m the guide

If it represents mischief, that means it is playing around

Kind of like giving a riddle

So who can it be looking for that is her and yet not her?

The answer is her, but in a different time

I asked her and it confirmed that it was looking for the future her

But since it was here already, it decided to give her a gift

As there are 52 cards in the deck, it gave her a choice to pick 2 of the 52 cards

She was thinking which to pick, and noticed the white bathtub is still there

So she ask it for some advice

However the white bathtub sounded like Confucius and gave cryptic messages so she decided to do it herself

She pick the King of Hearts, and the Queen of Hearts

The King of Hearts represented joy, while the Queen of Hearts represented bullying

The rest of the poker deck collected itself and started laughing at Zoe, for picking the worse 2 cards possible in the entire deck

I remembered that it was a bit mischievous, so I reminded Zoe not to listen to the poker deck

Meanwhile Zoe was more curious and wondering why all her symbols have such unique personalities, the poker cards are so sarcastic and condescending sometimes

Anyway, the King of Hearts is simple enough, to give her joy

So we clarified with the Queen of Hearts, and it shared that it will protect her from bullying and in particular, an instance in the near future where she will be required

The deck of cards snorted and said that Zoe should be grateful it even helped her in the first place

It leaned over and whispered in her ears

“Don’t let the past collide with the present”

Then it started walking away

However, a short distance away, the deck turned back and winked at Zoe, before looking forward again and walking off

As it started to disappear, it transformed into a lady with wings, just the silhouette before fully gone

And then I soon brought her out of hypnosis

“That was so weird McKing…”

“I know”, I said with a smile

Although Zoe had such a weird hypnotic experience, she felt lighter

We chat a bit more about the session before ending the Zoom call

And a couple weeks later, when I checked on her, she told me that she hasn’t watch porn since that session

Oddly enough, her temper has improved such that she is more patient and kind to people, especially to her parents

So now, my dear reader… what do you think happened?

Did she really visited a past life or two?

Maybe even met with a past lover?

What’s up with the final message?

Encountered an interesting being?

Who do you think that being was anyway?

I have a couple of guesses actually but yea, why don’t you comment below what do you think happened and who was that?

Was it all just a figment of her imagination or did she have a powerful experience?

I don’t know

What I do know… is that she resolved her issues

And that’s all that matters to me 🙂

Til next time…

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