An Encounter With… The Two Lords In The Sun

Presentation Lee McKing and 2 people against the sun

Welcome back to learning more about the awesome experiences of hypnosis with my clients!

So the last Story in Your Mind I shared was The Shapeshifting Master where a lady met a rat sage which transformed itself into several things before she got the message

And the last Encounter was With Jesus Christ and The Laughing Buddha where another lady resolved her feelings of dread and anxiety through this miraculous encounter!

Such unique experiences!

Yet that’s how they are able to resolve their issues in just 1 session

Anyway, Stories are a manifestation of the world within my clients while Encounters are when they meet a representation of something out there!

And for today, this encounter is with The Two Lords in The Sun!

Sounds mysterious but it’s a spectacular read!

This client (let’s call him Raj) came with a desire for business growth

He has been running his business for several years but things seemed to be stuck, at a standstill

Raj heard about me from a friend, and was curious if there was something within preventing him from succeeding in his business

Now to remind you

Each person is unique

So each of you might experience different things even with using the same technique

Especially with this client with a slightly different request from the usual

This is because we all have our own Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

And thus we have a unique world within

That’s why everyone is unique

With our different understandings and perceptions of the world around us

So anyway, once we settled down and were ready for the hypnosis

Raj closed his eyes…

Presentation Lee McKing and tower with rocks

And saw himself in a tower

To be precise, he was in a room in the tower

There was a single helmet on a table in the middle of the room

It was honestly a very normal looking helmet, yet, Raj was drawn to it

So he grabbed it and put it on before exiting the room

It was a long winding staircase down before he finally exited the tower

He was in the middle of nowhere!

There was a path stretching from the tower into a mountainous valley but there was nothing else, he decided to follow the path

Several minutes later, he came to the valley, and entered it

It turned out to be a valley of snakes!!

However, Raj wasn’t afraid of the snakes

This was because he prayed to the God Shiva, and snakes are like representations of Lord Shiva

There was a lot of hissing and slithering of snakes but they mostly avoided him as he continued through the valley

Raj paused for a moment as he heard something

A screeching that sounded unearthly and unholy!

He was taking his time to go through the valley but now he is running through it

Whatever was making those screeches gave him fear and goosebumps!

Worse, it sounded like it was catching up!!

Interestingly enough, as Raj was nearing the end of the valley, two snakes jumped onto him!

One jumped onto his right arm and curled upwards, the other was on his left arm and slithered upwards

He didn’t care about the snakes on him though

The thing that continued screeching behind him was scarier!!

It grabbed him from behind and threw him to the ground!!

He turned to face it and saw what looks like an old rotten smelling and decaying witch!

Presentation Lee McKing and the female ghost in 7th lunar month

The witch was floating in the air as she screeched at him again!

Raj scrambled up to his feet and backed away from the witch

Just then, the two snakes that were still on his arms hissed at the witch and glowed!

They transformed into a sword and shield!

Raj smiled to himself because he realized that it was Lord Shiva who has blessed him with the snakes to create holy weapons to fight against this unholy witch

The witch charged at him and he defended against her attack with his shield, while slashing down with his sword

He managed to cut off her left arm!

She screeched again but he was faster and managed to stab into her body!

The witch whimpered and fell to the ground and she started disintegrating

However, her rotten face broke up and revealed the face of his secretary before disintegrating into nothing

Raj asked me what does it mean, and while I didn’t know, I asked him to share what does he know about his current secretary

And the more he shared about her, the more he realized she had a negative mindset, with a tendency to skive and even spread rumors and gossip

She also had the tendency to blame others and shift responsibility

Thus Raj concluded this meant he had to let the secretary go and find a new one

That way, the “witch” can stop causing troubling and delaying his business growth

Raj exited the valley and saw a vast grassland

The path continued into the grassland and at the end, there was a house

He entered the house and was surprised to see a man inside

It was himself!

The other him smiled at Raj, “Hello and welcome Raj”

Raj was confused, “Hi… what… what are you doing here?”

The other Raj explained, “This is a test, to see if you are qualified for success

Frowning, Raj asked, “What is the test?”

With eyes suddenly glowing red, the other Raj said, “Defeat me!”

A similar sword and shield appeared in his hands and the other Raj leaped at Raj!

Considering this hypnosis session was done in 2018, it was like the prelude to Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness!

Both Raj and other Raj were evenly matched, with similar strength and using similar skills

However, the other Raj seemed to have a slight advantage with his technique

Raj was backed into a corner and felt hopeless for a while

He shared with me how the other Raj seemed to be more evil and had more power than him, and he didn’t know what to do to defeat him

I shared my thoughts, about how self-doubt can be seen as a form of losing the battle against oneself, and having confidence in yourself will allow you to fight all battles easily

Among other things

Anyhoo, whatever I shared with him worked, as he realized that because he was doubting himself in the first place which was why he was losing

He threw away the sword and shield as well as the helmet from earlier and said, “You know what? I don’t need weapons or armor to defeat you”

The other Raj looked at him in surprise… smiled… and disappeared…

Raj was standing there with his fist up but now… confused…?

What just happened?

A voice spoke to him, “When you learn to stand on your own two feet, without external help, that’s when you have growth and able to succeed”

The house also disintegrated and a light came from above, shining onto him and he started floating upwards into the bright light

Before he knew it, he realized he was in the sun, surrounded by a warm bright light

He looked to the right and saw a figure standing there

Raj approached the figure, “Hello? Who are you?”

It turned around and turned out to be Lord Shiva, the God he prayed to!

Raj knelt before Lord Shiva, and asked, “What is a greater purpose for me?”

Lord Shiva chided him, “I have already give you a purpose, there is no greater purpose than that”

presentation lord shiva

Raj realized the voice that spoke earlier was Lord Shiva’s voice!

The realization of this made Raj in awe of Lord Shiva and his wisdom, and before they parted, I told him to allow Lord Shiva to share some more insights if any, and he can choose to keep it private if he doesn’t want to share

After they were done, Raj stood up and started walking away from Lord Shiva, contemplating the insights and knowledge he gained

He shared how he gained additional insights about how he was dependent on too many people, thus when those people started to drift away for whatever reason, he collapsed and felt stuck

By being his own person, he can attain a greater confidence and strength from within, because now he can believe in himself, of course, if people offer help he can choose to accept or reject, instead of the before where he was practically begging for help

It was a different mindset for success that he needed to adopt

As we were chatting about this, he reached the other side of the sun, and he saw another figure

“McKing, there is someone else here”

“Oh? Who is it?”

“I don’t know… but I think.. gosh! It.. it is!”

“What? Who? Who is it?”

“McKing, it’s the Lord Buddha!”

Raj recognized it was the Lord Buddha and hurriedly went up to him

“Lord Buddha, Lord Shiva has given me a purpose, how do I achieve this purpose?”

“Release the inner demons within, the ego of attachment, the negative emotions and thoughts, be free from those things and you will naturally achieve your life purpose”, Lord Buddha responded and walked away

Raj stood there contemplating this short and sweet answer, and he felt something lifted from within, his body and mind felt lighter

the cave to another world

“Ok McKing, I’m ready to come out and face the world now”

Thus I brought him out of hypnosis

Now I know what you might be thinking

Did Raj really meet two Gods or deities?

Was it really the Lord Shiva and Lord Buddha who he met and conversed with?

To be honest, I don’t know

I don’t know if those are real higher beings, or was it a figment of his imagination

However, with the insights and knowledge that he got, as well with full resolve and confidence with himself, Raj has shared how his business grew since that session

Essentially, whether or not they are real gods, it worked to what he wanted

To have a breakthrough in his career and succeed

In fact, his business grew into other countries!!

Now is that awesome or what? 😀

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