An Encounter With… The Norse God Thor Odinson

Presentation thor odinson

Hold your horses!!

This is a hypnosis experience where a client met the Norse God Thor Odinson, not the Marvel character and superhero

So you can still choose whether you want to read on or leave 🙁

Are you reading on?


I mean, I would be curious to know what happened too!

But before we go into the story

Previously, one of my clients had “An Encounter With…” The Arhat (or Luohan)

He had to meet his Buddhist master from a previous life who has become a luohan and gain further wisdom to help resolve his issues

Sounds really awesome when you have a mentor that follows you through lives!

Meanwhile, another client of mine entered The Cave to Another World in “The Story in His Mind”

Here he went on a transformative journey through space, to the moon and even another world!

And he met his mentor (or guide) in the form of a talking snowman on this ice covered world~

How delightful that one can travel within oneself to find the right advice to resolve their issues

And today is similar, where a man’s encounter with Thor Odinson will help him with unlocking his potential for growth

Abraham found himself stuck one day, in his business and in his life

There were so many things he wanted to do!

He enrolled himself in several courses but found himself stuck in learning and applying what he learnt

As well as hitting roadblocks for his business

So he came to me for help to have a breakthrough and unlock his potential

After he shared his issues, and i clarified his doubts, we rearrange a day for his hypnosis

Presentation Lee McKing and hall of memories

To start in a safe place

Abraham is sharing with me under hypnosis

Abraham started his hypnotic journey in a safe room, a rather blank white room with a harp in the centre

“What’s a harp doing here?”, he asked me

“I don’t know, ask it”

Abraham asked the harp and it replied, “You wanted to unlock your full potential… I can help you”

“Oh how can you help me?”

“I can unlock your creativity and writing abilities… however there is more…”

Confused, he asked, “What do you mean?”

The harp replied, “I can only unlock those aspects of your potential, if you wish to unlock other areas, you need to go to other places”

“Alright, let’s do this”, and he took the harp and put it in his pocket

A door magically appeared on a wall and when he braced himself, he walked through it

Abraham entered another room and in the centre of the room, there was a boy

The boy was seated on the floor playing with some blocks

He would stack the blocks up and then knock it down

Stack it up and knock it down

The boy repeated this a few times

Abraham chose to remain standing in the corner of the room, just observing the boy

Observing how focus the boy was in stacking and knocking down the blocks

And also sort of wondering, who was this boy?

The boy looked Caucasian, was fair and had a reddish hue in his hair, whereas Abraham was Asian, had tanned skin and with black hair

He wondered, for a moment, whether this boy was his past life

I decided that there was no need to ponder, and nudged Abraham to ask the boy for his identity

Lee McKing and Steve

Things will eventually make sense

Abraham took a step out of the corner, into the light of the room and immediately notice something strange

It felt like there was a barrier surrounding the boy, protecting the boy, from what’s outside the room, a dark energy of sorts

Confused, Abraham stopped again to think

After a moment, he shared with me his thoughts

At first he thought there were two forces, one light that represent good, and one dark that represent evil

One protecting the boy, and one wishing to harm him

And right now there is a fine balance between the two

He also wondered whether he will break the balance if he step towards the boy

Abraham did try calling out to the boy, but the boy couldn’t hear him

Then he realize perhaps the light was coming from the boy itself, and there wasn’t another separate good force

The boy was the good force!

Suddenly, from the dark force, an entity emerged – a cloaked figure of darkness

Thankfully it couldn’t go near the boy, it stood outside the barrier

It turned to look at Abraham and it spooked him enough to quickly take a few steps into the light’s protection

Finally, Abraham was beside the boy, and said, “Hello”

The boy look up at Abraham and said, “Hello”

“What are you doing here?”, Abraham asked him while looking at the boy building the blocks

“I want to build a stairway to meet my father”

“Your father? Who is he?”

Abraham had goosebumps when the boy looked at him and replied, “Odin Borson, The All-Father”

Presentation client chat

“Then… who are you?”

“I… I am Thor”, as if he just realized his true identity, time sped forward as the boy grew into an adult

However, he didn’t look as Abraham expected… he definitely didn’t look like the Marvel Thor, nor did he give the Norse God of Thunder Thor look either

The Thor Odinson in front of him had a kind of thin physique, his red hair grew long, and with a bit of stubble

Where are the muscles?!

Abraham whispered his thoughts to me

I shrugged, although he couldn’t see me, “I don’t know, but anyway, I’m more curious what will happen now”

He updated me that the blocks are now automatically building themselves, while the aura of light expanded and pushed the entity of darkness away

“Come with me”, said Thor and he started climbing up the stairway

Abraham followed behind and soon, they emerged into a forest with a mountain behind them

“Now mortal, this is where we part, I must find my father”, Thor said to Abraham

“Hold on hold on, wait a minute”, Abraham was flustered, “I have some problems and I came here to solve them, so do you have something like advice or a solution for me?”

Thor nodded, “Well you did help free me, so I will lend you Mjölnir”

The clouds turned dark and with a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder, Mjölnir shot out of the clouds and flew to Thor’s hand, and he handed it to Abraham

Abraham was shocked, staring at Mjölnir, “Really?”

“Yes, now take it and may it help you in your journey”

Abraham took Mjölnir and when he held it in his hand, he could feel some electricity from Mjölnir surging into his body and filling it with power

He felt confident and powerful

Like he could do anything he put his mind to

He opened his eyes and looked at Thor Odinson, “Thank you”

Thor nodded, “Most welcome, and take good care of it, godspeed”, and he turned into lightning and flashed away

Abraham was stunned

Eventually he snapped out of it and looked at the forest, for there was a path

He headed towards it and travelled on this path until he came to a village

A female villager was running in his direction, and upon seeing him, collapsed on the ground, “Are you a hero? My village is being attacked by monsters!”

Abraham thought to himself, ‘Well I’m not a hero but…’, looking at Mjölnir in his hand, smiled and said, “Let me help you”

He ran with her into the village and gathered some details from her

Apparently, there was a sea monster army that was fast approaching the village and it was by the sea

It was a fishing village

And they wanted to obliterate the village!

Abraham gotten enough information and ran to the village cliff, where one can overlook the sea

He could see the sea monster army approaching and he knew he could probably fight with Mjölnir…

But… he decided to think out of the box… what if… there was a way to get out of this situation without fighting?

He looked at the sea army again and his voice boom across, “What do you want?”

The sea army slowed down… it seemed they weren’t expecting a conversation

A voice boomed back, “We are looking for the The Blue Ice, we heard the humans have it”

“If we return it, will you leave us alone?”

“Yes, we will”

“Give me some time to find this Blue Ice”

Presentation Lee McKing and waiting watch

“You have two hours”

Abraham turned to the female villager, “What is this Blue Ice? Do you have it?”

“Erm… I’m not sure… we have to ask the village chief… I’ll bring you there”

When Abraham met the village chief, he explained the situation and asked if he knew anything about the Blue Ice

The village chief looked confused for a moment… before his eyes lit up… “Perhaps…”

And he headed to his place of residence, bringing Abraham to a small old wooden chest

“The fishermen found this in their nets a couple days ago… but we couldn’t open it though, it’s locked by magic”

Abraham frowned at the chest as he fiddled with the lock, “Stand back”, he told the village chief before taking a swing at it with Mjölnir


The lock broke open and Abraham opened the chest to see a sparkling blue jewel, like a teardrop the size of a palm

“Blue Ice I presume…”, before dashing out to the cliff and raising it in the air to the sea army, “Is this it?”

“Yes! Please return it to us!”

“Very well, and you will be on your way right?”

“Yes, we will”

Abraham went down the cliff to meet with the sea army general who bowed in thanks and appreciation with the return of Blue Ice

And soon after, the sea monster army turned their backs on the village and went away

The village rejoiced as they have averted a potential disaster and invited Abraham to join them in their celebrations

And while he did partake in their joyous festivities, he knew he had to go soon

Lee McKing the Hypnotist with his client having a chat

And he asked me to bring him out

We had a bit of a chat after his hypnosis experience and just out of curiosity, I asked him how was holding Mjölnir like

Abraham smiled, “It was amazing McKing, I could really feel energy coursing through my veins, like I can do anything!”

“That’s pretty cool, could you try something for me? Imagine you are holding Mjölnir in your hands right now”

He closed his eyes and smiled and he felt the power surging within him

I smiled too, and told him that whenever he needed to, he can call upon Mjölnir and have this surge of power to help him tackle the problems of his business and life

He thanked me and left my office promptly

After some time, i received updates from him on how he improved his business as well as took up and completed some courses in languages, and other hobbies of creativity

It’s really amazing how the mind works, doesn’t it?

How we can find positive resources within, to solve the problems outside 🙂

Well you can follow me on Facebook and or Instagram and stay tuned for more hypnotic stories like this 😀

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