An Encounter With… The God of Hope

Presentation Lee McKing god of hope

The next in line for the series of “An Encounter With…” is about The God of Hope

Which might be an inspiration story for all of us right now

This is a story about persevering through hardship and darkness and emerging into the light

And to receive love and hope with God

Previously, “An Encounter With…” another client’s encounter with Jesus Christ

She was feeling depressed regarding her relationship with her daughter, and had mild suicidal thoughts

Meanwhile, the last “The Story In Your Mind” allowed a girl to experience being in the Avengers Spaceship!

The imagery that appeared here somehow helped her heal her relationship with her mother

And just in case you are wondering, these 2 ladies are not related!

Just so happened 1 was a mum and 1 was a daughter 😀

Anyway, today’s encounter is with God and how a lady, let’s call her Violet, encountered God through the most bizarre of experiences

Violet did not have a good childhood, due to abuse and anger happening in the house when she was a child

She ended up developing anxiety and depression

Overall it was quite rough for her

After a brief chat, we soon begin her hypnosis into…

An Encounter With… The God of Hope

Violet is talking to me under hypnosis

She finds herself in a green pasture with a tree in the middle of the pasture

The morning sun was shining and she felt safe, at peace

She walked towards the tree, feeling drawn to it

As Violet put her hand on the tree, and walked around the tree, feeling the coarse bark, she could make out a line in the tree truck

She gasped in surprise!

There was a door carved into the tree!

The door wouldn’t budge though, so I said to her, when she is ready to explore what’s inside, the door will open automatically

She took a deep breath of anticipation and as she breathed out, the door popped open

Violet apprehensively opened the wooden tree door and peered inside

It was dark and yet seem spacious

She stepped into this dark spacious room and walked a few steps into the room and it gradually lit up

It was an old room, with many items and things around, like what you will find in an old abandoned attic

She looked around and spotted old dusty pots and pans, torn furniture, broken chairs and so on

Soon, Violet found herself in front of a wall

“There’s something about this wall…”, she whispered to me, as if too loud a voice would disrupt her focus…

She scanned with her eyes until she saw a painting on the wall

It was an oil painting

“McKing… there is something special about this oil painting…”, she shared with me

“It’s alright, perhaps the oil painting has a message for you or wants to show you something, let’s ask it”, I replied

After a while, Violet felt herself being sucked into the oil painting!

“What’s happening?”, she panicked yet calmed down almost immediately

“Are you ok now? What happened?”, I enquired

“Oh yea I’m ok, just weird I guess”

“Take your time to get your bearings, then tell me what happened”, I reassured her

A moment later, when she felt better, Violet recounted what happened

“So it felt weird and scary when the painting suddenly suck me in with no warning, but after a while when I landed, I felt ok, like surreal though, cause I’m in the oil painting itself…”

“You are in the oil painting itself?”, I asked in amazement

“Yup, like… this entire place is the oil painting… I don’t know how to describe… the colors for the ground, the sky, the trees, and mountain and sun in the background, is all made of oil paint… the green, brown and all… and you can see the textures of it as well”

“Wow! That’s a truly unique experience! What do you mean by textures though?”, I had to clarify

“Like you know when you paint an oil painting, the oil will not be flat on the canvas? It will have the bumps and waves and textures?”

“Oh you mean that kind of textures, ok cool yea I know what you mean”, I replied

“Yup exactly those kind of stuff, it’s really amazing to be in here… I’ve never been in an oil painting before… it’s so surreal…”

“Well…”, thinking how best to respond, I said, “I’ve never been in an oil painting before either”

We both chuckled and smiled

“So yea anyway, I started walking towards the mountain in the background and I’m going ‘squish squish’ as I walk on the oil painting grass”

I nodded, “that’s really cool! How does it feel?”

“So weird!”, Violet laughed, “But it feels good!”

“Good is good enough”, I smiled

She continued walking towards the mountain, “squishing” her way there

Finally she reached the mountain and a light came from above and started to form something

It was bright so she couldn’t see for a while

Once her eyes adjusted to the light, she gasped

“What is it?”, I asked

“It’s a beautiful staircase, made out of light!”

“Wow! Do you know what you got to do next?”

“Yes, I think so… climb the stairs of light…”

“That’s right”, and I waited as she begun to climb the stairs of light

“But you know McKing’, Violet shared with me while climbing the stairs of light, “It’s really weird to see these stairs of light mismatch with the oil painting environment… why does it look like that?”

“Well…”, I shrugged although she couldn’t see it anyway since her eyes were close, “the unconscious mind is illogical like that sometimes, that’s how it works”

She continued to walk up the stairs of light and eventually she reached a place that is as spacious as the eye can see

Violet could see the beautiful clear blue sky and the area she was walking on was clouds

“Where am I, McKing?”, she asked

“I don’t know”, well I had an idea but I kept that thought to myself first, “but sooner or later you will understand where you are”

I could see her whole body relaxing even further before she said, “I think I’m in heaven…”

I smiled to myself, “That’s right”

“And there is a ball of light approaching me now”

“Oh? I wonder what that is”

“The ball of light settled in my right hand, just gently glowing there”, she said

“Oh that’s quite interesting, perhaps you can ask it, what is your message for me”, I suggested to her

When she heard the message from the ball of light, Violet started tearing a bit

“Hey, what happened?”, I asked, concerned about the answer

“Yes, I’m ok, the ball of light said that it is God, and he loves me and he is always with me, watching”

“Ohh… so those tears are tears of happiness?”, I breathed a sigh of relief

“Yes! And I feel good now… like I feel love and hope and peace!”

“That’s great!”, I said, “Go ahead and enjoy this moment as you connect with God, allow him to release you from your negative stuff, and fill you with good stuff, take your time and let me know once you are done”

Since she was in a good place right now, I gave her space and time to enjoy and heal through this experience, and kept silent until she was ready to come out of hypnosis

And once she told me she was ready to come out, I brought her out and she was absolutely mindblown

Violet was happily sharing with me what she went through (although I already knew cause I was with her but allowed her to share anyway)

Beaming ear to ear, I could see that she was well and truly healed through this experience with God

Why am I sharing this now?

And yes, it’s an actual case of mine

Yet, this case seemed to jumped at me when I was thinking what will be a good article to share with you

You see, I think this is relevant because regardless of religion, we all know our God will take care of us

He gives us hope and peace, especially during this time of Covid 19, and with all the stuff happening in the world

Think of the oil painting as the weird times we are experiencing now, and we are still adjusting, finding our ways, having fun sometimes, yet disoriented sometimes too

Yet after all that, we can be healed with God, and even more so we need this, hoping for peace and love and healing

And I hope that through this story, it reminds us that God is always with us

I believe that all the key messages from God in all religions is about love

Loving ourselves, and loving people around you

So I hope you to will continue to pray for goodwill, peace and love

Have faith and hope that this will pass!

And I hope this somehow resonates with you 🙂

Continue to stay safe my friend

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