An Encounter With… The Dragon Turtle Emperor

Presentation Lee McKing and the sea

Welcome back to story telling with McKing

But these aren’t just stories, they are actual hypnosis experiences by my clients!

In the previous sharing of “An Encounter With…”, a man met The 2 Lords in The Sun, Lord Buddha and Lord Shiva, and attempted to realign his life purpose

He originally came to experience a breakthrough for this business growth, so I can say he got more than what he expected!

Meanwhile, under “The Story in Your Mind” series, the last story was about a man who met his deceased aunt under hypnosis

This was a case where the guilt in him manifested into his aunt’s ghost to haunt and traumatize him!

Obviously it wasn’t a real ghost, it was a psychological ghost, just a manifestation of his guilt

I just realized both those stories were male clients, today’s sharing is also of a male client

Cause I usually get female clients hahahahaha *sidetracked*

Anyway because everyone have their own perceptions, beliefs and values

Each hypnosis can produce very unique and different experiences for everyone!

The “Story In Your Mind” series are pretty normal and common hypnotic experiences while the “Encounters” describe potentially divine experiences!

So in today’s sharing, “An Encounter With… The Dragon Turtle Emperor” shares about a man who came to resolve his past trauma

Derick (name changed to protect his identity) was a man with an abusive childhood and carried a lot of baggage

From anger issues, to being defensive, and not able to connect with people, he decided enough was enough and came to see me for help

After a brief chat, and he was ready to begin the hypnosis…

Starting in a house

To be precise, he was in the backyard of a house

As he looked around, he noted a pond and was drawn to it

Derick stepped into the pond and to his surprise, it was like he was in the sea right now!

He started swimming deeper and deeper…

And a turtle appeared!

He realized the turtle was a guide into the unknown sea, so he followed it

They swam and swam until they came to… a traffic light?!

He looked around but saw no road nor track

So why is there a traffic light?!

It was red, but the turtle swam across it

Derick stopped…

He felt that rules were rules and if the traffic light was red then he shouldn’t cross

There could be all sorts of reasons such as it might be dangerous, it is breaking a rule, or whatever

He decided to wait for it to turn green, which should be soon right?

There wasn’t any button on the traffic light so it might have been one of those automatics ones

The turtle had stopped swimming and turned to look at him quizzically

He waited and waited… for the light to turn green…

But it didn’t…?

As a side note, sometimes during the hypnosis, my clients might get into similar situations

Where they seem to be stuck or confused

And thus I will come in to help

Because not only as an outsider but a healer

I will be able to see and guide in several ways

Presentation Lee McKing and step out of prison of your mind

So I gave him some words (of wisdom)

Firstly, you are in the middle of the sea, there are no roads, and even if there are, you can swim anywhere!

Secondly, do you see any traffic now? No? That’s right there aren’t any

Thirdly, maybe you need to search within on what’s really stopping you, instead of waiting for the traffic light to turn green

As Derick searched within, he connected with something

It was that his childhood was filled with abuse, although to relate to this, the following of strict and unreasonable rules

This made him into a law abiding citizen for sure, but it also prevented him from doing things that might allow him to learn more or experience fun things

He reconciled within, that he was no longer the boy that had no ability to think for himself and could only follow what other people say

But now he was a man who can be free to decide on his own, allowing him to be able to explore what’s right and what’s wrong if necessary

To be able to learn and grow in more ways than one

And upon this realization, the traffic light transformed into a shield and equipped to his left arm

It symbolizes the freedom to choose, being protected while moving forward into known or unknown territories as well as providing a stability within

The turtle smiled, and starting swimming again

Derick swam after the turtle, just following behind…

And they came to a palace!

It was huge and majestic!

But when he entered it, he was puzzled

For a palace so big, there was strangely not a single soul…

Derick followed the turtle into the centre of the palace, the throne room

Nothing seem to be happening?

He stood there puzzled while looking around, as the turtle continued swimming to the front

It stopped and turned to look at Derick, before transforming itself!!

The turtle grew and changed and was now huge!!

Derick was shocked and amazed at the same time

He shared with me that this new creature seems to be a giant dragon or a giant turtle… or both?

This dragon turtle was so huge, that its head was bigger than him, and its eye was bigger than Derick’s head!

He could only see one side of his head, he couldn’t see the entire body of this majestic creature!

In awe, Derick asked, “How can I be as magnificent as you?”

The dragon turtle nodded ever so slightly and blinked

Derick saw his entire reflection in its eye and was captivated by it

It seemed to loom over his entire being!

The dragon turtle started to shrink and transform once again

Now becoming an old man sitting on the throne

Immediately, golden people with bluish green faces appeared!!

From soldiers appearing to stand guard at the entrances and doors, to dancing girls with music

Even his queen appeared to sit beside the king

Derick asked the golden king, “How can I have more adventures like this?”

The Dragon Turtle Emperor said, “When you first entered the small pond, you didn’t know it will lead you to this place. Similarly, small opportunities can lead you to bigger things. Keep your eyes open and step forward when necessary.”

“But then, how can I be safe or protected? What if it is too risky?”, Derick asked

“You have that”, the Dragon Turtle Emperor pointed to the shield that was on Derick’s left arm

The Dragon Turtle Emperor walked up to Derick and gave the shield a knock

Presentation Lee McKing and being overwhelmed


The metal shield transform into a giant clam shell!

Now it can not only protect him from all angles, it is also lighter and more durable, and able to protect him from negative things too

Derick stared at it in wonder, then looked at the Dragon Turtle Emperor and started crying as he asked, “How can I heal my old wounds?”

The Dragon Turtle Emperor said, “You need time to grow new skin and heal your old wounds”

He then proceeded to mutter a few words under his breath and a red orb of energy appeared

This red orb flew towards Derick and entered into his chest

He felt a surge of energy, one that spread throughout his body, providing a boost in vitality

Derick felt some aches and pains start to go away

“Now go, and grow, you will be able to utilize it more easily in the near future”

With those last words from the Dragon Turtle Emperor, Derick left the palace and swam back to the beginning

Along the way he compiled his learnings and newfound resources, such as the giant clam shell and the red orb

Because those things will help him in the days to come

As he exited out of the pond into the backyard, he felt a new resolve, to gain more insights here, as and when he can

Ok ok I know

This particular hypnosis seems more cryptic than some of my other stories

Lee McKing shrug presentation

But what can I do?

Everyone has different experiences because everyone is unique

The main thing is you want to resolve your issues and see results

And I am happy to share that Derick has saw vast improvements since that session

From being freer and feeling lighter, to being able to communicate better with his friends and family

A really interesting fact, because he decided that he want to revisit the backyard and explore during his free time, he could and he did!

So over the next few months he explored his own mind through self hypnosis!

Which I probably won’t share with you what happened since that was his own hypnosis on himself hehehe

I’m curious though, what will you have asked if you met such an awesome being?

I will love to know! 😀

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