An Encounter With… The Butterfly Fairy From Heaven

Presentation Lee McKing and being overwhelmed

Today we have an interesting case study of hypnosis

Well, I personally think all my cases have interesting elements but this might cut the cake!

I share 2 types of case studies involving hypnosis, Stories in Your Mind and Encounters

A Story in Your Mind is a pretty normal and maybe even down to earth hypnotic experience while an Encounter is an experience involving higher beings or even Gods!

For example, the last story had Sofia releasing the grief of her families passing on the way to resolving her targetted issue of procrastination

While the last encounter had Jacob meeting Buddha in the temple in a conversation with regards to the meaning of his recurring dreams~

The reason for such unique experiences is because all of us have our own perceptions, mindsets and beliefs

And this shapes a unique world within us

Which means that our issues are uniquely constructed and thus require potentially unique techniques to find the precise solutions to dissolve the issue at its core

Now in today’s case, we have Amanda (named changed to protect identity) having an encounter with a butterfly fairy under hypnosis

Amanda had a few issues ranging from marriage issues to mental health issues, and recently was diagnosed with a health issue as well

I won’t share too much due to the uniqueness of her situation

Anyway, she wanted to use hypnosis to heal her condition as much as possible (in fact, she was in the hospital when we did it haaha)

We did the hypnosis online, and once she was ready and comfortable


We connected to the feeling of unhappiness

This unhappiness of life stems all the way back to conception and she saw herself as an infant

The reason for this was because the parents conceived her before marriage and were thinking whether to abort or get married and keep her

This planted the seed of many issues for her, including abandonment and unloved by parents etc

(Yes you might be thinking whether it is possible however, the unconscious mind can perceive the information and form patterns or programs according to what was happening at that time so unfortunately, it started from there)

Amanda also got the feeling of shame from the infant, this shame came from the parents due to their unprotected rash sex

And this shame also seeded in her and grew in the background

As it was getting quite emotional, I guided her to do a forgiveness process of her parents for their actions (among other things)

The safe place for her to do such a forgiveness was in a pavilion

Besides forgiving her parents, she had to forgive both grandmothers as well

Her paternal grandma didn’t like her mom for causing her dad to marry early, while her maternal grandma felt her mom was stupid for getting pregnant

Such negative emotions and instances might also transmit down and thus, we forgive and release

Interestingly enough, her dad doesn’t drink but when he appeared for the forgiveness, he was in a drunken state

This made her realize that her parents were likely drunk when they first did it and had her

After she forgive these 4 people, it was time to forgive herself

Forgiving her child self for creating such negative patterns or programs is an important step for healing

Presentation Lee McKing and relationship on fire

Suddenly there was a crack in her arm!

In fact, her health condition is involving her whole body and she got shocked to hear a crack from her arm

I explained that it is possible what we done so far has healed a portion and that sudden crack was an indication from her physical body

(I know that sounds unbelievable… wait until you read about some other stories!)

She saw another her in the hospital gown, but with a more swollen face than what she has now

The other her said she was a butterfly come to accompany her in this life

And when we asked where did she come from, the other her replied “仙女下凡” which means a fairy descend to earth

I asked Amanda to confirm if the other her was a butterfly fairy, but the other her just smiled and didn’t reply

I aked if this is one of those “Heaven’s secrets cannot be revealed” and the other her smiled and nodded

We did a release and the other her transformed into a younger healthier version of Amanda now happy and cheerful~

(The butterfly fairy remained in this image for the rest of the hypnosis)

I asked if there was any remaining illness in her and the answer from the butterfly fairy (or younger her) replied in general, overall well being still has other issues which is causing the remaining illness

However, there were some other things to settle because they involved her marriage

Hence, that was the best we can do for Amanda for now

Presentation surprised girl

But wait, there’s more?!

I had a strange inkling of something at that point in time

And I asked Amanda to ask the butterfly fairy if she knew me XD

The butterfly fairy just smiled

I asked if it is possible to clarify some questions even if she herself is unable to reply due to heavens’ secrets and she nodded

I asked for her name but she pouted and didn’t reply

That indicated to me that I was supposed to know her name!

I explained that if I was supposed to know yet I do not know, it is probably because I am not yet connected to the source

To which she replied something to Amanda, but she can only hear the first word is cai “彩” then it was too soft to make out anything else

And she didn’t want to repeat so…

I asked if what she said was “rainbow bridge” but she just smiled…

Then I asked if she has any particular messages for me and she told me to help Amanda, like must help a lot

Hahaha yea that is what I’m doing right? XD

At this point, my guess is that my origin came from Heaven and after crossing the rainbow bridge, I lost memories of my past lives

And she smiled in response

Amanda was excited at this point and asked if I did past life regression before and I shared that I did see this particular past life that was in a place all in white but somehow I doubt the butterfly fairy and I met in this one

The butterfly fairy had a blank face

Amanda had her own questions too, and one was whether I can help her resolve all her issues to which, the butterfly fairy gave a wide smile

We spent quite a bit of time already and the butterfly fairy added that she can give Amanda some positive resources like being cheerful and having a positive attitude

It was about time to end off but something was nagging at me and I decided to ask a couple more questions

“Did she miss me… and if I made the right choice?”

To both, the butterfly fairy gave sweet smiles

I asked if she got anything else to tell me but she replied that she cannot say

So that’s the end of it then

Towards the end, my client became like a telephone for the butterfly fairy and myself but she was happy to do so and said in the future she is happy to do again ahahaha

I also explained that the butterfly fairy came to help her but so happen she met me to help her too

What do you make of it?

Pretty cool and interesting right~ XD

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