An Encounter With… The Burning Skull

Presentation Lee McKing and Halloween

In today’s sharing of “An Encounter With…”, we will be looking into an old and possibly odd case

Now I’m not sure how much to share in this introduction cause I don’t want to spoil you

But from the title, it is an encounter with a burning skull

And I found this quite apt as Halloween is round the corner

Where spooks, chills, and haunting stories are ripe for the picking

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it 🙂

Although it is a ghost story, you don’t have to believe in it

Whether it really happened the way it did and all

Because each of us have our own unique world within us

Of our beliefs, values, understandings etc

Anyway, previously “An Encounter With…” shared about The God of Hope, where a mother experience her healing through a bizarre encounter with God

While the last “The Story in Your Mind” was about a lady finding The Wand of Light to empower her confidence for public speaking (and more)

Such wonderful experiences helped my clients to resolve their issues from the source

From within their unconscious mind

And today’s encounter is with a burning skull, where Eleanor (name changed for privacy) encountered something positively frightful

Eleanor’s issue is something that perhaps some of us do quite often


A tendency to hinder one’s success or hindering achieving one’s goals through certain actions or lack of action

Some of us might do this often enough, don’t we?

For example, declining the promotion at work or even choosing the guy you know will not make a good partner in a relationship

Or even setting out plans to remain fit and yet eating high calorie food

The list can go on in various self sabotaging behaviours in different aspects of life

Anyway, she came to see me to resolve this issue

After a bit of a chat, we discovered something interesting

A particular area of her spine had a painful sensation when she thought about her self sabotaging behaviour

So I decided to do some hypnosis with regards to that

Presentation Lee McKing god of hope

And we began in a blank space

It was her safe space

Just a blank white space that is safe for her

Because this journey was going to bring us somewhere completely unexpected

That was deep in the recesses of her unconscious mind

I asked Eleanor to focus on that painful sensation at her spine

Because it was one of the branches that is connected to this pattern of self sabotaging behaviour

Or what I like to call a tree of patterns

And we will be using this painful sensation as a way to connect to the roots of this self sabotaging behaviour

There are many questions right now

  • Where did this self sabotaging behaviour come from?
  • How did she get this?
  • What caused Eleanor to sabotage her own success?
  • Did someone teach her to do this?
  • When did it all start?

So many questions…

And that’s what we aim to find out first if possible

Before we can resolve this issue fully

Now if this painful sensation in her spine is one of the branches of her self sabotaging behaviour

Then we can use this to find the roots and seed of what happened

In a way, if you knew how the synapses in the brain works, you will be able to appreciate what’s happenig better

Anyway, once we connected and she was ready

She travelled along the neurology, from the branch down the trunk to the roots

To where it all began

I gave her some time to orient herself

She started whimpering and crying

I asked, “What’s happening now?”

“McKing, I am back in my old house, it was a haunted house, and this was when I first encountered the ghost, when I was 8 years old”

“I see… are you ok to share with me what happened?”

“Yes, I was sleeping with my aunt in my room, she was staying over for a couple of days, and I suddenly woke up one night…

And in my room I used to have a lot of dolls and I placed them on a table in my room…

That night when I woke up, I saw something…

I opened my eyes and there I saw! A ghost!

It was a floating skull of fire… a burning skull!

I was so scared McKing, but I dare not say anything…

It had this weird crackling laugh while it floated above my dolls, just looking at me!

I grabbed my aunt and tried to wake her up…

But when my aunt turned to face me, Oh My GOD!!

She had this weird smile on her face, like her mouth open from ear to ear!!!

That’s when I screamed!!!

My dad suddenly came in and there was a huge gust of wind!! And my dad flew out of the room!!

He managed to find a Bible and holding the Bible in front of him, he managed to push through the gust of wind and bring me out to his room to sleep

Within the next few days, we moved out of that house…”

Wow! What a story… I just remained silent the entire time out of respect for her sharing and now I guided her to resolve this encounter from the past

As I was doing the resolution with Eleanor, something unexpected happened

The scene changed and now she saw herself in a dark room… and she wasn’t alone…

The burning skull entity was in the room with her!

Only this time, he has a body, and a cape to boot

He had the same crackling laughter as he said, “You fool! You cannot never get rid of me! I will destroy you!”

She was frightened of course, to which I reminded her she was safe in my room, and if he truly wanted to destroy her, he will have done something by now

True enough, she realized he was just standing there gloating away and she calmed down

I asked her to ask him some questions

“Why are you here?”

“To bring you hurt and pain!”

“Where did you come from?”

“I came from the dark abyss!”

And so on…

Eventually I realize we were not going anywhere with this entity… but… was it a true entity?

Since Eleanor is a Catholic, and I am a Catholic too, while she was conversing with the burning skull, I decided to say a few Catholic prayers

But nothing happened!

What does that mean?

You see, I tend to think of multiple possibilities that a situation or issue may arise from, as well as various ways I could help to solve the issue

Hence, if it was a real ghost that was haunting her now, a couple of prayers will have worked!

Whether or not it was real when she first encountered the ghost, I have no idea and don’t need to know either

The crucial point here is whether the entity in her mind now is a real ghost or a fake one?

Since prayers didn’t work, and by work, I mean the ghost had no reaction to me praying (especially without my client knowing)

It meant it was a fake ghost!

So what does that mean you may ask

An excellent question you can ask, which I will answer

Think of it this way, when she first encountered the burning skull and got a trauma from it, it is very possible that a part of her mind “broke off” and took on the personality of the ghost

Thus, it is a psychological or fake “ghost”

That’s why religious praying didn’t work

And yes, in case you are wondering whether your friend who went to various mediums and temples and still seem to be haunted actually has a psychological or fake “ghost” and not a real one, that will explain why he or she can go so many and never been rid of the ghost yet eh?

Well anyway, since it’s a psychological issue, that’s my forte

I first asked Eleanor what she wanted to do to resolve this issue

She tried the Bible like her dad did all those years ago, a Bible appeared in her hand (in her mind) but it didn’t work

The burning skull just laughed at her

She had a friend who was a spiritual practitioner appear in her mind to get rid of it, but he lost to the burning skull

She even tried a silver stake and the entity just brushed it off

While she was trying this and that, I notice the burning skull did nothing to hurt her in this process so that solidified the idea that it was a psychological or fake “ghost”

Presentation Lee McKing and THINK

Meanwhile I was also cracking my head…

How can I deal with this unconventional issue?

Then again, most clients’ issues are unconventional… that’s why they see me hahaha

There are cases where I need to create new techniques to help my clients resolve their issues…

Hey! Wait a minute, that’s it! I got it now!

I had an Eureka moment if I do say so myself

I asked Eleanor, “Hey Eleanor, when there is something strange in the neighbourhood, who do you call?”

“OMG Ghostbusters was such an old movie!”

“Exactly! The Ghostbusters!”

“Wait McKing, how does it work? What am I suppose to do? I tried everything and it’s still here laughing away”

“Ok then we can try this, I need you to create the ghostbuster gun and the ghost trap where you step on it to open up the contraption, can you do that?”

“Erm.. not sure if it will work but ok”

She conjured up the ghostbuster gun and shot at the burning skull!

“What is this?? No! Stop it!”, it yelled at her

She threw the ghost trap and once she was ready, she stepped on it to open up and it started sucking the burning skull into it!

Once it was over, the ghost trap moved a bit before the red light turned green to show that the ghost is successfully caught and it was safe

“Wow I’m surprised it actually worked.. and it even has that function…”

“Well your mind is powerful”, I said as I shrugged and smiled (even though no one was watching)

Eleanor took the ghost trap and put it in a safe where no one will even open it and once done, I brought her out of hypnosis and we had a good laugh

I also check with her if the pain was gone and it was, so we ended for the day

Months passed and each time I check on her, she gave feedback that she no longer sabotage herself in any aspect of life

And I’m so happy for her

Lee McKing shrug presentation

It’s kinda weird ain’t it?

How something from the past can affect us in multiple ways

And how certain behaviours and actions can have the most oddest of roots

And lastly, how illogical problems require illogical solutions

But hey, as long as it works 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this story that came from a case study

Thought it might be a bit fun for Halloween

And if you think your friends or family might enjoy this too

Please glow a head and share with them

Pun totally intended

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