An Encounter With… The Buddha In The Temple

Presentation Lee McKing and Buddha

So the last Story in Your Mind I shared was how my client Kate went into hypnosis and saw almost everyone as an animal!

And we resolved her anger issues between her and her husband, who appeared as a crocodile

Meanwhile, what was shared in the last Encounter was about Paul, who met the Asgardian God of Thunder!

He met Thor Odinson and borrowed his power to win 2 consecutive mountain bike races on the very next day!

Such unique experiences!

Yet that’s how they are able to resolve their issues in just 1 session

Anyway, I share wonderful hypnotic experiences as Stories while Encounters are usually with a touch of the divine!

And for today, this is an encounter with the Buddha in the Temple

This client came to me about a recurring dream

He had this dream where he will be alone in a little spaceship, just floating in space while the earth has been destroyed

The curious thing is, he will just be drifting and then he will wake up!

So why did I call it the Buddha in the temple?

Well, I don’t want to spoil you just yet so you just have to read on!

As a gentle reminder, everyone is unique

So you might experience different things for the same technique with the same issue

Especially since we all have our own Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

And thus we all have a unique world within us

So anyway, today we have Jacob (his name was changed for confidentiality) who wanted to figure out the hidden meaning behind his recurring dream of floating in space~

We chat for a bit and once he was ready, we begin the hypnosis

Presentation space

And there he was… floating in space…

As what he mentioned about his dream

The earth has been destroyed and he is the last human survivor

In this little spacecraft just floating in space

Wandering the depths all alone~

This is where the dream usually ends and he wakes up

We can now safely continue the dream in this state

After drifting for a bit, another spaceship appeared

But it was far larger than his spacecraft of course

A mechanical arm reached out to guide his spacecraft into the spaceship

Upon entering the spaceship, he wandered around but found it empty

He was drawn to a particular direction and soon, he could see that there was someone in a room

However, he decided to remain silent and hide, just peering into the room to watch

It was a lady and she was fiddling with a gadget on a table

“Hmm… I don’t think I met this lady before… but something about her feels… familiar…”

When she finally turned around, he gasped!

This lady looked like a younger version of his mother!

What’s going on?

However, that gasp made her realize he was there

She looked up and they made eye contact

Jacob bolted!!

He had no idea what was happening and so he decided to run first to get a sense of things

The lady was chasing him!

As he was running, he saw a hatch and felt this will help him to escape!!

He opened it and jumped through as he heard the lady shout, “Noooo!!”

Presentation Lee McKing and celebrate hypnosis

Jacob is now in Takashimaya

He was confused when he opened his eyes but yup, definitely Takashimaya

Currently he was seated at the indoor water fountain and when I asked if he felt like doing anything, going anywhere

“No… I feel like I have to wait for something…”

And his mum appeared

Not the younger version on the spaceship, but his current mum

She came with a packet of caifan (mixed economic rice) and he started to eat it for lunch

Once he was done eating, he realized something peculiar on the styrofoam packet

There was a number 47 in marker on it

At first he thought that maybe his mum was order number 47 for the stall

But there was something about it… that drew him in…

Jacob glanced up and just looked at the space in front of him

There were various stalls set up

Something clicked in him, a lightbulb moment!

He realized the stalls were numbered

The smallest number was 48!

And he could see 49, 50, 51~

He stood up and decided to follow the numbers

52, 53, 54…

Eventually he came to 63…

And there she was…

She was on a pile of stuff

She was… someone dear to him… inside him…

Let’s call her Rose

Rose was… another part of him… and upon seeing her, he knew what he needed to do

They have lived together for so long but the longer they continue, the worse it became

Jacob had a long chat with Rose in this space

At long last, they could finally put at end to things

And she was gone

He was sad… heartbroken… but he saw no other way…

I gave him a moment to process and settle…

Because the numbers continued for him

Eventually, he stopped crying and followed the numbers

Presentation Lee McKing and world mental health 2019

Until he came to a rubbish bin

The numbers stopped at 84 and for some reason, it was on this rubbish bin

It was weird

He didn’t know what to do

Jacob still had the styrofoam packet so first, he placed it in the rubbish bin

Then he took the litter around and placed it in the bin too

After he cleaned up the place a bit, there was a honk from outside

A taxi came to pick him up!

Without a question, he board the taxi

And when he reached his destination, it was a temple

He went in and saw a huge Buddha statue

Jacob knelt down in front of the Buddha statue

Seeking some answers as to what was happening

Buddha replied, “love”

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

There were some other stuff which Buddha shared with Jacob, but I decided to give him some privacy and only shared what he has decided to share with me

After that was done, I brought him out of hypnosis

Even though that might seem like a really strange way to resolve his issues, it was a success as he has reported so

Of course, part of the reason I shared this now is due to my previous blog on dreams, which you can read here

Hope this was fun for you to read, as it was for me to write

Until next time!

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