An Encounter With… The Asgardian God Of Thunder

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Yes yes you read that right

Today’s story involves the Marvel Thor Odinson, the Asgardian God of Thunder!

Actually there was another client who met the Norse God of Thunder, Thor Odinson

But this hypnosis experience involves the Marvel Thor whom we all know and love

You might be curious by now why some clients can meet gods and deities while some don’t

In fact, such experiences with gods and deities are shared in the “An Encounter With…” series, like in the previous story where a man met The Dragon Turtle Emperor in order to resolve his issues!

While in other hypnosis experiences where it seems more mellow in comparison, are shared in the “Story in Your Mind” series, like this lady who had to explore The Mirror World to find herself

You know, come to think of it… I think she described her experience quite similar to Dr Strange’s Mirror Dimension… and this was way before Dr Strange came out!

Today we have Paul (name changed to protect his identity) who came with an interesting question

You see, Paul is a competitive mountain bike racer but he found himself unable to perform and reach his full potential after becoming a father

He cited fears of flying off the mountain and becoming heavily injured or even dead, which will mean leaving his wife and 2 young children behind

Yet at the same time, he needed to perform and clinch the win for his family

I didn’t ask but there are probably some financial benefits or cash rewards if he won

Anyway, after a bit of chit chat, we soon got started…

Presentation guy in an empty room

He appeared in a room

Paul is sharing with me under hypnosis

It was a dark room but it wasn’t like he couldn’t see

In fact, it was his study room and he was standing in the middle

Paul looked around and was drawn to a rubber band on the table

I asked him if he knew the meaning of the rubber band but he wasn’t sure at first

The moment he touched the rubber band, he connected and felt a fear in his chest

It was the fear of getting into danger or getting hurt while cycling competitively up the mountains

The rubber band appeared as a thick giant rubber band around his chest right now

Giving a strange tightening sensation, like he cannot go forward and can only remain where he was

I calmed him down, reminded him he was safe in his chair in the physical world

Before continuing to figure out the intentions of this rubber band

With the right questions, the right answers will appear

As it turns out, the rubber band wanted to keep him safe and away from danger with the main purpose to keep him alive

I told Paul to inform the rubber band that remaining stuck where he is, isn’t keeping him alive, rather, he isn’t living a life

Once we connected, and the rubber band realized the error of its ways, it transformed into a flowing stream~

The scene around Paul changed too, and he was no longer in his room

He was in nature, surrounded by shrubs and greenery, with this natural flowing water stream in front of him

He knelt down and touched the water, and he could feel this positive flow of energy from the stream entering into his body through his hand

I waited until he was done

Presentation Lee McKing and river stream

Before continuing his journey

Paul followed the stream down and oddly enough, came across a trampoline in the middle of the field

“What’s a trampoline doing here?”, he asked me

“I have no idea but if it isn’t meant to be there, means there is something going on”, I replied

As he approached the trampoline, it spoke to him

And we realized that it was a representation of his indecisiveness

Just like a trampoline, he has thoughts that bounce from one idea to the next but in the end, never taking action to change

An interesting thing is that this trampoline came from his grandparents

Eventually, Paul decided to let it go as it served no purpose that could benefit him

We released it back to his grandparents and it disappeared from the field

Suddenly Paul had a question for me

Whether or not hypnosis could help him improve his performance during the competition

Because while we removed the fears, which was the rubber band around his chest that held it back

And it transformed into a flowing water stream which aid in flow and energy

It felt rather mellow or chill…

What about a competitive setting?

Of course, that can always be arranged, so I asked his unconscious mind to assist with this

In this case, we did something a bit different, and found a super hero that can help Paul with his performance

That’s when the God of Thunder, the Asgardian Thor Odinson appeared!

I gave him specific instructions on what to say and how to say it

Which I shall not reveal here *Top Secret* 😉

In order to borrow Thor’s unlimited stamina and endurance, which will be a great help for his competitive mountain bike racing, a symbol of power was given to Paul

Presentation Lee McKing and lightning

This symbol was a spark of lightning

And this spark of lightning was imbued into Paul’s chest

Upon activation, the lightning will spread out and surround his body, covered with lightning to energize, vitalize and add power

After testing a couple of times and feeling the difference, we soon ended the hypnosis and I brought him out

The crazy thing is… Paul participated in 2 competitive mountain bike races the very next day!!

And he won them both!!

That’s mind-blowing!

And he said he didn’t feel tired at all hahaahha~

I felt that this is a great story to share to reemphasize how therapy ideally should be

First we remove the limiters, the negative stuff that is holding you back

After that, if necessary, we give the power boosters, positive resources to empower you

If you only get a power boost but without removing the chains that hold you back, then you might see a temporary boost before returning to the previous state

What do you think?

Doesn’t it just make more sense? 😉

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