An Encounter With… The Arhat (or Luohan)

Presentation Lee McKing and praying monks

Happy Lunar New Year once again~!

And since it’s the Chinese New Year, I decided to share a long forgotten case study from a long time ago…

About a man who had “An Encounter With… The Arhat”

Although this man called him a Luohan, we can use them interchangeably between English and Chinese 🙂

And this might be quite auspicious to share with your friends right now while it’s still the Lunar New Year period~~!

Especially since some people think it’s good luck and fortune when a Louhan visits!!

So if you are reading this now, may it bring you prosperity, happiness and wealth~!

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Anyway, this is a story about getting lost in darkness and emerging into the light and gaining insights and some form of enlightenment

From an Arhat or Luohan no less!

Last time, a client of mine had “An Encounter With…” The Burning Skull

She had traits of self sabotaging behaviour and decided enough was enough and sought help from me

Meanwhile, the previous “Story In Your Mind” allowed another lady to become Thumbelina!

This transformation helped her to understand deeper meanings within herself and upon such realizations, allowed her to break free and unleash her true potential

So if you find any other those cases or stories interesting, go read them

This article will still be here waiting to give you good luck~

Or least open a new tab to read the other stories later hehe 😀

Anyway, today’s encounter is with The Luohan and how a man, let’s call him Thomas to protect his identity, encountered this Luohan and it ain’t any random Luohan either!

Thomas had issues related to anger and pride, and these issues were causing him and his family an amount of grief and unhappiness

Hence he didn’t to find someone to help him overcome this

After the usual chat session, we schedule the hypnosis to have…

Presentation Lee McKing and Japan walk

An Encounter With… The Arhat

Thomas is speaking to me under hypnosis

He starts in the most safest of places, where most people start from, his house

In his bedroom no less

It was day time and he was standing alone in his bedroom

He was drawn to the bedroom door, somehow this was going to be a portal, a gateway, to bring him to the other location in his unconscious mind

This is so that he can find the issues within in order to resolve them properly

I counted down and he enters into another location in his unconscious mind

And… he got confused…

“McKing, I can’t see anything here, is this normal?”, Thomas was confused and puzzled

“Ah… hold on a second, sometimes it takes a while to get our bearings under hypnosis, also just like how everyone in reality may not be able to see everything, hear everything or feel everything, the same is when we go into a hypnosis trance within ourselves. For now, as a start, share with me what this place feels like to you since it is currently dark at the moment”

“Hmm… ok… it feels like an open space here”, he replied

“Ok so like an open space just that it’s dark? Is there anything else you can see?”

“Yes, it’s dark… hmm… I look up and I think I’m starting to see the stars in the sky”

“That’s right, it’s an open space and there are stars in the sky, I guess the moon isn’t up or bright enough to shine some light for you to see?”

“Yes you are right, the moon isn’t up but my eyes are adjusting to this darkness”

“Great! let’s give it a couple of moments for your eyes to adjust so you can make out where you are”

Presentation Lee McKing and waiting watch

A few moments later…

“McKing, I can see better now”

“Great, tell me more about this place”, I asked

“I’m in a pasture, but it’s dark, it’s night time, so cannot see much also”

“No worries, this is good enough, now look around you for something that draws your attention, cause your unconscious mind brought you here for a reason”

“Hmm…”, Thomas looks around this pasture at night, “I think I see something over there at the end of this path”

He started walking and walked and he walked (it seemed to be a long path) until he came to a wall

“McKing what is this?! Why did I come to a wall?!”, he cried in anguish!

I replied, “Hey it’s ok, let me know what’s happening, what do you see?”

“I see a wall…”

“What kind of a wall?” (If you are reading this and think this is a weird question, share this with your friends)

“It’s a wall made of bricks or stone… and it’s very tall… I’m jumping but I cannot see over it”

“Oh that’s interesting, why are you jumping though?”

“Because I want to see what’s behind this wall”

“Ok ok that’s fair enough”, I nodded to myself, “Hmm… is there anything that looks like a window or a hole to see into the other side?”

“Er… hold on let me check…”, Thomas calmed down to check and observe, “Hey I found something”

“Oh great~ What did you find?”

“It’s a… very small space… bigger than a window, smaller than a door…”

“How peculiar… well what can you see through it at the moment?”

“I can see… I don’t know it looks like a town?”

“Oh cool, then do you want to go through to the town?”

“I… I want to… but McKing… I’m scared…”

Presentation Lee McKing and freeing you from your mind

“Ah… what are you scared of?”

“I’m scared if I go through to the town, what if I cannot come back?”

“Ahhh… ok ok I see your point… well, I’m curious then, is there any benefit to staying here?”

“Erm… I don’t know…”

“Ok ok, then what is the benefit to moving to the other side?”

“I also don’t know… and that’s the thing, I don’t know anything”

“Well ok how about this then, what will happen if you stay here?”

“Er… well it’s dark… I don’t know what is in the dark…”

“That’s a good observation, what about the other side?”

“There is light on the other side, so I can see”

“Very good”, I smiled to myself, “Take your time to decide what you want to do, I’ll guide and support you regardless of your choice”

Thomas didn’t take very long to think, and told me his answer

Presentation Lee McKing and being away

“I want to go to the other side”

“Understood! Can you fit through the window door thingy?”

“I don’t think so but I can step on it like a ledge and use it to jump to the top of the wall to reach the other side”

“Alright then, whenever you are ready”

Thomas steadied himself and he climbed onto the ledge, and prepared to jump

He jumped and managed to hang on to the top!

He pulled himself up (remember ah he is doing all this in hypnosis, I’m not with him in his mind in a way haha) and managed to climb over the top and fall down to the other side!

“Oof oh my God, McKing, I definitely cannot do that again, my back~”

“Ah… ok take a breather and stretch and rest and you’ll be fine”

A moment later…

Thomas walked downwards, this side was on a hill, and he entered the town

Although he noticed the town didn’t have anyone in it

His legs walked as if he was on auto-pilot until he came to a tavern or a hotel

And he went up to the second floor and sat on the bed in the room

“McKing what is this? Like I am just walking about aimlessly”

“It’s ok, I trust that your unconscious mind will help you make conscious understanding of what all this means… now that you are in a room, have a look around and tell me what catches your eye?”

Thomas looked around his room, there was a bed, a door leading to the toilet, a fireplace… and indeed, something caught his eye there

“McKing, there is something here…”

“Ok what is it?”

“A little figurine on the fireplace”

“A little figurine? What is it a figurine of?”

“I don’t know…”, he gets up from the bed and walks to the fireplace

He stared at the figurine for quite a while before speaking to me, “McKing, the figurine is a man… and I don’t recognize this man but… somehow he looks familiar…”

“Familiar? Like how?”

“I don’t know…”, Thomas starts asking the figurine, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

I could see his frustration at the lack of response from the figurine as he kept asking and asking… I was about to stop him to try something else when…

Thomas started crying!

“Woah hey what’s happening? Why are you crying?”

He replied, “This… this is my master!”

“Huh? Could you explain what you mean?”, I asked in confusion

Why is this figurine his master?

The figurine turned out to be his master from a previous life!

In his previous life, he sought tutelage from a monk in Thailand (he was Thai too then)

And his master attained a form of enlightenment and was now an arhat!

Or a luohan

His master came back in this form of a figurine in his unconscious mind to guide him

And Thomas started chanting the Heart Sutra with his master!

(Although I didn’t know what he was chanting in the beginning, I only knew what was it later when I asked)

I kept silent as he chanted, both spiritually and physically

In fact, I could feel his emotions as he chanted!

Such a powerful presence!

Once he finished chanting, he has calmed down and soon, I bought him out of hypnosis

And when he opened his eyes, like wow, he seemed he gained some enlightenment of his own too

I asked, “How was it?”

“Woah that was a powerful experience!”, Thomas was beaming from ear to ear

“Hahaha yea I could see that too! I’m curious, what did you chant just now?”

“Oh that was the Heart Sutra”, he replied

“Did you know the Heart Sutra previously?”

“Yes, I actually chant the Heart Sutra every day”

“Ooo hmmm interesting… then I want to ask, you chant the Heart Sutra every day and just now you chant the Heart Sutra, was there any difference?”

“Oh! Yes, there is a difference!”

“What’s the difference?”

“I felt more compassion when I chanted the Heart Sutra just now, like one with the universe”

“That’s pretty awesome”, I smiled, “Perhaps your master wanted to give you that experience”

“Yes! I’m happy that he became a luohan… it’s so amazing! Now you can tell people a luohan descended to your office!”

“Hahahahah”, I laughed, “Thank you”

“No! Thank you! Thank you for this experience and letting me meet my master! again”

And we ended the session soon after

Presentation Lee McKing in Uni

He has found his inner peace

Finding one’s inner peace isn’t easy and sometimes it can come with a price

Thankfully, with the right guidance, one can also achieve an inner peace

And if you read until here, here’s a big thank you~

Thank you for reading and spreading positive energy around

The person who send this to you wants you to have fortune, health, and happiness, your own inner peace too

And may you too, one day find the mentor, the teacher, who can guide you to that peace, happiness and love you are looking for

Here’s sending you positive waves of love and peace <3

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