An Encounter With… Jesus Christ

Presentation Lee McKing and Jesus Christ

The next in line for the series of “An Encounter With…” is about Jesus

Which I felt is perfect to share in between Christmas and the New Year 2020

This is a beautiful story about love and family

And I guess a connection with God

Previously, “An Encounter With…” shared the hypnotic experience of a lady’s encounter with A White Faced Demon

Her issues were of suicide and feeling loss, among other things, and they manifested into a demon!

Meanwhile, being covered with dirt and grass was the last “The Story In Your Mind”

This one shared the imagery in a lady’s mind, and how it relates to her obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Anyway, today’s encounter is with Jesus Christ and is about this lady, let’s call her Clara, and how she resolved her issues with God

Clara was going through depression and feeling really stressed with her family, especially with her only daughter (who was going through her teenage years)

So you might imagine what’s happening

And thus we begin

An Encounter With… Jesus Christ

Clara is talking to me under hypnosis

Clara found herself first in church

It was her safe place

Her safe haven

From there, I guided her to look for a door to go through and begin her journey towards healing herself

There was a side door in the church

She walked towards it and when she stepped through

The sun shone bright so she couldn’t see at first

When her eyes adjusted, she saw a huge plains

It seemed she was in the middle of nowhere!

The church was gone too by the way

To her right, she saw a rock, and she walked towards it

There was something about this rock

Her face flushed as she started feeling overwhelmed

She told me, this rock represents her burdens

That it was like a huge weight on her

When I asked her if she’s finally ready to let it go, she sobbed “Yes”

The rock made a loud crack!

It started splitting apart and crumbled to pieces

She felt a weight lift off her shoulders as the rock crumbled into dust

When the dust flew with the wind, she saw a trap door

It was underneath the rock the entire time!

She opened it and walked down the stairs

Soon, she found herself in a dark tunnel

She shivered for a moment, feeling fearful

Clara breathed, and told me, she wants to face this

And she walked down the dark tunnel

It seemed long and far


She couldn’t see much either

Finally, in what seemed like hours to her (it was a couple of minutes in reality)

She saw a speck of light

Clara reached the end of the tunnel and came to a garden

She felt calm here

As she looked around, walking down a path, she reached the centre of the garden

There was a fountain there!

It was a beautiful fountain, with an angel at the top spouting water

She was drawn to the angel

The angel on the fountain turned towards her and spoke

“Be not afraid, Jesus loves you”

An angel

Upon hearing these words, Clara wept tears of joy

As she wept, a beam of light came from Heaven

And a figure started descending

It was Jesus Christ!

Jesus gave her a hug as she continued crying tears of love and joy

And through this, she was also shedding her issues away

The stress build up from work and finances dissipated from her mind, body and soul

It seemed like such a miracle!

Even the relationship issues she had with her daughter seemed to disappear as she was hugged by Jesus in that beam of light

After a while, Jesus said to her

“Now go with love”

Jesus Christ

And He ascended back into Heaven

Clara had stopped crying by now

Just filled with peace and love

“Thank you”, she said

Once the beam of light disappeared

She noticed a path and followed it into an area where there was a single tree

In that tree was a bird’s nest

It was an empty bird’s nest

She started tearing again

Only this time, it was because this empty bird’s nest was a reminder

A reminder that eventually, her young daughter will grow up and leave the nest

A reminder to love and cherish the time with her now

A reminder that whatever issues they had, are nothing when compared to the wondrous times and memories they had

And can continue to have

Upon this final realization, the empty bird’s nest transformed into a flower bouquet

The flower bouquet dropped from the tree into her arms

And as Clara glanced down at the beautiful flowers

She saw a trail of nuts

The nuts brought her to a pair of squirrels

The two squirrels were building their home together

She realized these squirrels meant that her daughter will eventually start her own family in the near future

Clara has now reached a state of peace and love as she has released a lot of pent up stress and frustrations

As well as restored the relationship of love between her daughter and herself

Once she was ready, I brought her out of hypnosis

She was finally free of her depression

happy and free girl

Sometimes it’s truly amazing what the mind can experience!

Clara was now free of her depression and other issues

As well as healed her relationship with her daughter

And in this case, while it’s true that knowing Jesus might help, sometimes we can only establish that connection when we really listen

I don’t know about you but whenever my clients go through such a great change in just 1 session

It really brings me a sense of satisfaction like no other

Truthfully though, I’m always astounded at how the mind works

Specifically, how your mind works 🙂

And hypnosis is one way to access your mind and unleash its potential

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I’ll see you next time!

Have a Happy New Year for 2020! 😀

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