An Encounter With… Jesus Christ And The Laughing Buddha

Previously, I recounted a mysterious encounter of how a client met with “An Unknown Being” and how this young client resolved a startling issue!

At the same time, November’s Halloween had a story where another client visited the Underworld, in an attempt to resolve some deep seated issues indeed!

What I am sharing in today’s encounter might seems scary and yet, if you read to the end, it’s rather heartwarming indeed

Read to the end!

Don’t run away halfway ah!

I never say that before lol

Anyway, today we have Jocelyn (name changed to protect her identity) who was experienced huge dread and anxiety

She has been suffering for years and with little to no understanding of how she developed such strong negative emotions

She shared how she has been to counsellors but to no avail

And when push came to shove, she decided to see an alternative which she wouldn’t have considered years ago – hypnotherapy

I decided to start with a mild hypnosis for her

So after a bit of a chat and she has settled, we started her hypnosis for…

An Encounter With… Jesus Christ And The Laughing Buddha

Jocelyn is talking to me under hypnosis

(Obviously we didn’t meet them straight away if that’s what you were thinking lol)

I started by asking Jocelyn to find where the feelings of dread and anxiety resided in her body

Her face flustered, as she could find them easily

“One is in my chest, the other is in my stomach”

I asked her to focus on the one in the chest for now, and let it manifest out of her

After a moment, she shared how all she saw was darkness, like she is floating in darkness

I reassured her that she is safe in my chair, and anything can happen under hypnosis

Just like how there are many types of humans in this world, not everyone is born with sight, similarly, when we enter hypnosis, not everyone will be able to see clearly or straight away

Some can hear better, others might feel better, and vice versa

Because we have unique constructs within

And sometimes, we need to solve the issue like a puzzle to unlock it’s origin

Think of it as Indiana Jones going through temples of puzzles to find one or two things of value


After trying a couple of things with her, I had an idea

I asked Jocelyn to push the feeling in the chest down into her stomach and merge them

The reasoning behind this was that if they are two parts of the same problem, then they need to be combined back together in order to resolve it properly

If you take a jigsaw puzzle, toss it up, and split into two, you can’t see much because the pieces don’t match!

Only when you put both piles together then you can complete it effectively

“Ugh… McKing… I’ve combined them in my stomach but now my stomach feels so full and bloated… like going to explode…”

And explode it did! (Thankfully not physically…)

Metaphorically, psychologically, or hypnotically, the bloated feeling exploded and what came out were 4 hands!

Each hand grabbed onto each of her limbs and started pulling her apart!

Jocelyn felt torn, as each hand was pulling on her limbs and the tension was building!!

I reminded her that she is safe in my chair, and told her to get those 4 hands to release her and float in front of her face

Once those hands released and lined up in front of her, she was still a bit freaked out but felt better

At this point, I will like to share with you, that I totally understand what she is going through

Her issues was of dread and anxiety, so obviously must have some “scary” symbols or associations right?

So yes, I’m usually 85% expecting something scary for the client to pop up

Lee McKing shrug presentation

Ok back to the story

Now I asked Jocelyn to ask those hands, where they came from

The first hand stepped forward… (or floated forward if you want)

And from the end started manifesting a wrist… a forearm… an elbow…

When the shoulders appeared, Jocelyn started crying again…

This first hand belonged to her mother!

She recounted how her mother was abusive to her when she was a child

Essentially, her torment during her childhood took on the form of this first hand of her mother

Since we found the source, I guided her to do a true forgiveness process in order to release the past hurts and pains, and to heal herself…

I waited for some time for her to be done

Once she let me know she was done, I had to check…

“What about the other 3 hands?”

“Oh… they are still there, just waiting…”

“Ok, the next one, who does it belong to?”

The second hand suddenly rushed forward and grabbed her face!

As it moved her backwards, the hand started manifesting its body, and the space and environment started warping!!

There was a humming sound and when Jocelyn opened her eyes, she saw herself back in her childhood home… and the Laughing Buddha was there with her!

That was the identity of the second hand!

In her childhood home, the Laughing Buddha was on the altar for the family to pray to

And the Laughing Buddha has seen how traumatic her childhood was

While her mom might have left a huge scar to create the first hand, her dad and rest of the family left their own scars too

The Laughing Buddha brought her back to her past to resolve them once and for all

She went into each room and shared with me the different abuse and trauma she encountered from each family member

And as she left the room, the room started disintegrating into spots of light

When she was done with the entire house, the Laughing Buddha smiled at her and shone with light

And she found herself back to the previous space, with 2 hands now floating in front of her

I gave her a moment to recuperate cause I can imagine that was potentially nerve-wreaking

To resolve a number of core deep issues of abuse and torment…

Yet she has taken some good steps towards healing and change

Once ready, we continued with the third hand

The third hand started manifesting its body and it moved to touch her gently on her shoulder…

And before she knew it, it was Jesus Christ!

Turns out she converted somewhere over the years

I didn’t ask, didn’t felt like I need to know *shrug*

And what happened was that even though she converted, she felt like her past made her “unclean” and not worthy of Christ

Jesus gave her a hug and let her know that it’s ok now, and He has always wanted her to be free

I guided her to forgive herself to she can heal herself from whatever she did upon herself that made her continue to suffer

Finally, we now left the fourth hand

When she looked closer at it, she realized that compared to the first 3 hands where they looked solid and fleshy, this fourth hand looked rather ghastly and ghostly!

Jocelyn was frightened and didn’t want to deal anything with this hand!!

“Shoo! Go away!”, Jocelyn said as she shoo her hand at it

Obviously… since it’s in her unconscious mind… it can’t shoo away like a fly right…

Anyway, the fourth ghostly hand start materializing and she realized it was her ex boyfriend

He was physically abusive and traumatized her which also added onto the dread and suffering that she got during childhood

I also guided her to forgive him in order to release and heal fully

Once it was gone, I checked with her unconscious mind if there was anything else

And brought her back out of hypnosis

I’m glad you reached the end!

While it may have seem surprising, startling, or even scary in the beginning with the 4 hands grabbing and pulling

It’s a learning point too

You see, sometimes our issues are represented in unique and weird (or common and meh) ways in our unconscious mind

And this causes us to develop other emotions or feelings which isn’t what was originally intended in a positive way

Although 2 of her hands were a result of negative events or trauma that left a mark on her, the other 2 hands came with positive intentions to heal and show love

And in resolving them, she cleared her dread and anxiety easily~

Let this be a simple lesson for you too!

Sometimes even if something seems tough, hard or terrible, there might be some good stuff within

You just need to reveal and know the truth

Anyhoo, Chinese New Year is round the corner (at the time of this posting)

So here’s wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year of the Tiger in 2022 and may you receive blessings, luck and fortune all year round!

And if you think the above story might have been better for Halloween or the Ghost Month… eh I thought so too but hey!!

2 Gods or Deities appearing is rather auspicious right?

Heheheheh 😛

Happy Lunar New Year from Lee McKing The Hypnotist
Happy Lunar New Year from Lee McKing The Hypnotist

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