An Encounter With… A White Faced Demon

Presentation Lee McKing and the female ghost in 7th lunar month

Today for the series of “An Encounter With…”, we are sharing about a case study with a white face demon and a short trip to hell

WTF what?? Demons and hell???

Well… *cough* incidentally yes

I thought to share this story since the 7th Lunar Month (also known as the Ghost Month) is round the corner

And since this client of mine saw some demons and even visited hell for a bit

I thought it’s quite apt 🙂

Although of course, you don’t have to believe whether demons are real or not

What’s real right now is what we perceive to be real

Especially when all of us have our own unique perceptions, beliefs and understandings

Anyway, the last “An Encounter With…” was with Aliens, which really pushed the limits of human understanding involving past lives and extraterrestrial beings

And the last “The Story in Your Mind” was in a unique place called The Hall of Memories

Which helped my client to navigate her mind much more easily to resolve her issues from the root core

For today’s encounter with a particular white faced demon, we have Natalie (name changed), and she came to me feeling suicidal

Natalie’s history wasn’t the most pleasant

Her childhood was bordering on abuse, and she didn’t feel loved by her family

After which, she got married and didn’t feel loved either

Cause he was emotionally abusive

And so she cheated on her husband

There was also a miscarriage and an abortion

All these negative feelings built up in her like a dam and finally let loose

Making her to have suicidal thoughts

And she found me as a last resort to seek help and change

And this is what happened in her hypnosis

We started her hypnosis in a room

It resembled her bedroom

And it was dark

Puzzled, she looked around and noticed someone or something crouching in the corner

“Hello..?” she whimpered

The dark figure stood up and turned around to face her

And she screamed!

“Hey, calm down, it’s ok, can you tell me what you saw?” I tried to calm her down

Natalie was crying and sobbing as she whimpered to me, “It’s a demon

“What kind of a demon?” I asked

“A white faced demon, with a super long tongue sticking. You know one of those demons in hell? The Hei Bai (Black White) demons? It looks exactly like that. And it’s coming towards me. McKing, I’m scared.” She replied in a shaky voice

“Calm down, I understand that you are scared. Maybe let’s ask the white faced demon what does it want for you?”

She asked, and almost immediately, she stopped crying

“It said that it wants to help me”

“See? It’s actually helpful. Ask how can it help you?”

The white faced creature told her that it wants her to help her in her relationships and career

When she asked how, it replied that currently her partners are not the right one, and that she will only find the right partner at a later age

After giving this message to her, it left the room

I gave her a few moments to calm down and breathe after this experience

And when she was ready, she walked through the door

The same door the white faced creature walked through

And now she started crying again, screaming, “Noo!! No!!”

“Woah hey, it’s ok, calm down, whatever you see is all in your mind ok? Can you tell me what is happening now?” I reassured her that she was ok

Tears rolling down her face, she said, “McKing, I’m standing at the gates of hell! There is hellfire everywhere and the place is burning! It’s so hot!”

“Wow ok, anything else that you see? There must be some reason why you are here.”

“Yes! In front of me, there is a demon burning a man on a stake, and he is screaming in pain! And I’m next! I’m so scared!”, Natalie said through her sobs

“You’re next in line?”

“Yes! Because I’ve committed so many sins! I’ve lied, cheated and killed! I’ve done so many bad sins and that’s why I’m in hell right now! I deserved to be burned!”

“Do you want to be burned?”

“No!! I don’t want to be burned!”

“Then can you forgive yourself for your sins?”

“Yes! I don’t want to do it anymore!”

And just like that, she stopped crying

And she went back in time to a memory of a wedding

It wasn’t her wedding, but a cousin’s church wedding

And she was happy and excited with the recollection of this memory

I asked her if she knows what is the meaning of seeing this memory

And she replied, “I’ve always wanted a happy marriage, and this wedding is to show me that one day, I can have it too. Just now right now, like what the demon said.”

Suddenly, as if the moment she realized the exact message of the scene, it started to warp

And now she was in an empty room

Suddenly she screamed again!

She whimpered, but didn’t cry, “Oh my god McKing, it’s the nun!! You know the nun!! She’s here!!”

“Huh? Like the nun nun? From the horror movie?” I asked

“Yes! That nun nun! OMG! Why do I see so many demons???”

*cough* “Anyway, what is she doing?”

“Actually… she’s just standing there looking at me”, Natalie calmed down a bit

“Ok, shall we ask her what does she want?”

“What do you want from me?”, she asked

“I want to give you unconditional love”, The nun replied

Confused, Natalie said, “But you look so scary”

“Oh”, said the nun, and she started transforming

And the nun transformed into a chihuahua

“Woof”, the chihuahua barked

“Awwww”, Natalie crouched down and hugged the chihuahua

“Now this is unconditional love!”, she said smiling

The dark room started to become bright and full of light

When she could finally see again, she found herself in a glass container in the middle of the desert

It was a moment of truth for her

Whether she will pluck up the courage to step out towards freedom

And she did

Natalie walked in the desert until she saw a man in the distance, walking towards her

After some more walking, she meets the man and saw it was Jesus

Jesus said to her, “Live, my child, for one day you will have a happy complete family as you deserved it”

Tears of happiness flowed down her cheeks

The scene went bright again and finally, she is back in her bedroom

The white faced creature was still there too

And she asked it if there was anything else it wanted to tell her

Stay alive, and you will have your own baby to love”

“Also, regarding your career, focus on helping people and nothing else”

“Finally, do what your heart desires

“That is the direction you must take”

And that was the end of her hypnosis

When she woke up, she was free

happy and free girl

And she couldn’t believe it

All that pressure, the stress, the buildup from before the hypnosis that made her suicidal and want to give up everything

All those burdens, were now gone and she was free

She felt light, happy and at peace

And that’s the most important thing

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Hope you enjoyed this case study and share with your friends!

Whether it’s to help them or spook them a little for the Ghost Month 😉

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