After A Workshop In A School

Lee McKing NUS workshop stage

This is a quick sharing about my experience after holding a workshop in a school

It was honestly really good

You might recall I did a bit of a lecture in NUS last month

I taught the students about emphatic listening, memory palace and creative visualization

So anyway I was called back as some students wanted to find out more how hypnosis can help them in personal development

I didn’t take any pictures this time… sadly…

So yup a quick summary of the questions asked and my answers (in a shorter version)

Q: What is hypnosis about?

A: Hypnosis can be done through 2 ways. The first method is what most people know – relaxation. You can find this in meditation classes, yoga classes etc. The moment they ask you to relax and relax further, it’s hypnosis. The second is focused attention and this is something more as hypnosis knowledge. We might ask you to focus on a dot and focus until you go into hypnosis. Now you can find hypnosis in daily life. Like you are in a lecture and it’s so boring you relax and drift off and start daydreaming about being on a holiday cruise. Or when you have a meal with one other person and the conversation was so intense that you focused all in it and nothing else distracts you.

Q: What is an experience of hypnosis like?

A: Well depending on the technique used and with different people experiencing different things at varying degrees, it’s different for each individual. Sure we got the usual relaxation but I can have someone swimming through lava and feel warm. And he can go through multiple waterfalls and move his hand while eating an imaginary ice cream under hypnosis! Yet I can have another person in such a deep state he doesn’t move. And in an arm levitation exercise, you might feel your hand moving all by itself. In fact I have a video where a lady eve touched her arm and felt like it wasn’t hers!

Q: How do we get into our inner thoughts?

A: Through hypnosis, we can have symbols appearing and we begin to communicate with these symbols as a way to receive information from our unconscious mind. Once I had a lady whose dining table taught her how to deal with procrastination. Such an inanimate object can only communicate with you through hypnosis

Q: How to overcome fear using hypnosis?

A: Again, different people have different constructs for the same problem. So 1 way is to redirect the focus of fear to focus of solution. Another way is if the person experienced a traumatic event, then we need to do something called a regression, which means we go back in time in the mind to resolve the trauma. (I did do a demonstration with a girl who had a fear, but I couldn’t demo a regression due to lack of time so we did a refocus of fear instead)

Q: Do you self hypnotise?

A: Yes in fact, we self hypnotise ourselves all the time. Many a time we hypnotise ourselves in a negative way though. Like “every time I see him, I feel irritated” or “every time I sit in front of my laptop, I procrastinate” so why not self hypnotise for positive good stuff instead? (No I won’t be teaching you here! Maybe another article or during my meetup)

Q: Would it be considered self hypnosis if we step into someone’s shoes?

A: Well that’s a very interesting question! In fact… (I might cover this in my next meetup so stay tuned~)

There were a couple of mini questions which I answered but I won’t put them here

I did a group magnetic hands exercise where the students can get to experience a mild hypnotic experience

As expected, a couple of students are highly suggestible while a couple (same number) are less suggestible

Most of the students were suggestible at about the same time

Basically you will see a couple with their hands coming together really fast while the rest are still just coming together

Then when most are almost touching, the remaining couple of students have their hands at the halfway mark!

A couple of great feedback from the students

  • I can tell everyone is engaged and paying attention and no one is sleeping. I want to learn how you speak in public so I can speak like that too.
  • Can really feel the magnets. Never experience this before.
  • Now I can use the visualization tools to overcome my fear of public speaking.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and thank you for having me guys! 🙂

PS Call me back again for more variations hehe 😛

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