A Treat For Early Childhood Educators

happy teachers day purple

Wow these are exciting times!

Now if you know me (or if you didn’t know me before), I have a calling towards childrenmcking children

I have this feeling that God put me on Earth to help kids in one way or another

(Partly because I was born on Singapore’s Children Day hehehe)

Anyway, I ended up taking a diploma for Child Psychology and Early Education and did internships at some preschool and kindergarten as well as a special needs school

I’ve also visited a few other preschools, special education schools and the like

And you know what else my heart goes out to?

The teachers! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I mean, think about it, to have an excellent educational environment for the children

You got to take care of the educators too isn’t it?

Which is why the moment I know of Preschool Market and what they intend to do

I went for it! ๐Ÿ˜€

So how can I help preschool educators and children?

By offering my services to the teachers with a discount!

After all, when the teachers have a way to de-stress and resolve their issues

They can educate their children better isn’t it?

This article by The Straits Times in Oct 2016 cited long working hours for teachers

Now of course, the teachers in the article are not preschool educators

But come on, preschool teachers work as long too

From going to open the school early and staying back to wait for parents to pick up the kids

(I know cause I did that a couple of times)

And being humans, all of us not only have stress, we have our own anxieties, or insecurities too

Anyway, here is the thing

I wish to give all educators a 10% off our services as thanks for educating the next generation!

Simply because I know how stressful it can be to educate kids

preschool teachers

You got to handle parents as well as meet the educational standards

You spend holidays preparing for the lessons when school reopens

You spend time changing the school for theme curriculum

You probably didn’t realize you spend more time with other kids than your own!

That’s how dedicated you, as a educator, are!

And for that, we give our thanks and appreciation

Oh yea, before I forget, we can meet for a free chit chat session first before deciding if this is right for you

That way, you understand how I do what I do and I understand your situation so I know what to do

Also, check out the other stuff you educators have from Preschool Market and other participating vendors!

Til then, Happy Teachers Day!!

happy teachers day

PS If you know a friend who is an educator (whether preschool or other), feel free to share this with them! ๐Ÿ˜€

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