A Lesser Known Idea About Life

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You know, we are given this life and we learn so much

But how much do we know about life?

About living life and how our mind works?

I mean, just ponder for a moment and question

And why I ask this is because I want to share something today

It’s called the Circle of Life

This is probably not known to many

But hey, if you know it, share in the comments below

Especially if I missed out anything 🙂

Lee McKing and circle of life

This is the Circle of Life

It’s simple and split into 6 main areas

These are core to us, to shaping us, building us, and is pretty much in life itself

However, it’s not just to define the 6 areas in our lives, but there is an interesting element at play here too

But for now, let’s just share a bit about each area

If we start at the very top, Wealth

This is pretty straight forward isn’t it?

Offhand you can guess it relates to how wealthy you are

However it also includes beliefs and values about wealth

For example if you have a poverty mindset, or an abundance mindset

Whether you think “money is the root of all evil” or “money is easy to earn”

All such things are in this area of wealth

Moving clockwise, it’s Health

Health naturally relates to the state of your physical body

Although we can link to the mental state as well

Hence, other than the physical state such as how strong you are

It also relates to what kind of illnesses, whether you have proper nutrition and exercise etc

Technically, it may be possible for you to spot the “interesting element” but let’s continue before I share what it is 😉

Next is Career

As you probably guess by now, this area of career relates to the jobs that you done before

What experiences you had while working or even if you are doing a business

The progression, achievements, the growth etc relating to career

As well as the beliefs you have about a career, or your career

Or even if you manage to get your dream job~

Presentation a loving family

At the bottom, we have Family and Relationships

Of course, family is concerning your family and how they are like especially when interacting with you

Similarly with relationships, which can be romantic or social relationships by the way

What are your beliefs about love, how you interact and behave with your lover, the emotions you get

As well as with family and friends

You might notice there is a lot of beliefs and values, and even possible patterns in each area

Going up a bit is Spiritual Development

Now for this we are not just talking about spirituality like believing in the Law of Attraction, or in psychic powers

Spiritual development to me is talking about our sense of self and how we align ourselves with the world around us

So yes it can be with the spirituality movement and yet it can also be with religion context

And at the same time, if you don’t believe in any religion nor in the spiritual movement, that to me is fine too

That’s your version of spiritual development and how you align your sense of self with the world

For example if you have a low self-esteem, you might think the world is so much better than you and you feel worse

Or you might be in depression and think the world is out to get you (I’ve been there to be honest) and thus you reject help of any kind

Alternatively, you might be feeling the best version of yourself and nothing can knock you down

Feeling so confident in yourself that you will behave and interact differently with the world, in order to achieve and attain the things that you want for yourself

That’s what I mean by spiritual development 🙂

Last but not least, Personal Development

Now for personal development, I look at it as education, learning new skills and growing with more information

Because both personal development and spiritual development do involve learning something, I decided to put both as development 😛

Anyway, personal development talks about education, what you learn in school, what else did you learn about life or the world

And whether you learn it or you experience it, you acquire new skills as you grow up

The art of sales for example, or basic computation for math

Those are things you acquire or learn as part of personal development

researching how to counter spells

So what’s the interesting element?

Now that you gone through the 6 areas of life, we can focus at the interesting element of this circle

You see, this circle isn’t arranged in a random manner


Rather, the 2 areas or sectors that are opposite to each other interact with each other in an interesting manner

It’s funny really

Weird and funny yet real

When you have a problem in one area or aspect, you might find some problem in the opposite sector

On top of that, sometimes to solve a problem in one area, you can find a solution in the opposite sector

What? Huh?! What?

Ok let’s look a bit deeper XD

Let’s look at money issues

So if you have money issues, problems with earning or there isn’t enough, like you got debts to pay

What happens?

You get family or relationship problems

If you are a man and having financial issues, your wife might argue and scold you more isn’t it?

And to stop the wife from scolding, you need to earn more money

You see how they are interlink in a weird way?

If we continue this story, we might say, oh how about a career that pays more?

Yea definitely, a career that pays more will solve the money issues and stop the wife from being angry right?

The question is, can you get a better career?

Because if you are not qualified enough, you need to study and educate yourself more!

See how the career and personal development sectors are linked?

Now if you don’t study well, you might not get a decent job in the future, but if you build up enough experiences and skills, even without a school education, the personal development of your skills can still get you a job

Hold up McKing what about spiritual and health?

What happens when we fall sick, let’s say really sickly like cancer?

We turn to religion, or we pray more to a higher source

Yes there can be doctors with medicines and all and yet… what else do we do?

We might fight, learn about holistic practices, start to do things to resolve our regrets and make amends to our loved ones

And our health improves!

PS I’m not saying if you become holistic and spiritual you will live forever ok… XD

But do you notice that happy people (And I mean genuinely happy people) seldom fall sick?

They are so sure and comfortable with themselves that they are pretty healthy generally

Now why am I sharing this today?

Because if you have had a problem that doesn’t seem to go away, perhaps you might realize now that you need to look at another area in order to resolve this issue properly

Like instead of looking to change your partner every time there is an issue

Or to keep quitting your job whenever you feel stressed

Which ironically, the positive intention of stress is to learn something new (but that’s another article)

To be fair, there might be some patterns that are not observable to the untrained eye

And that’s why you got me 🙂

By the way, do share with me if you notice any odd interesting patterns in your life!

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