A Hypnotist’s Perspective On Karma

Presentation Lee McKing and karma

Ok this is probably not expected of a hypnotist

Like why would a hypnotist suddenly talk about karma?

But if you know me, you will know that I am pretty open to different perspectives of life

Also, recently this karma topic has been popping up among my clients and friends

A lot of people use this word “karma” to talk about a bunch of things!

Some talk about past lives, some talk about retribution, and so on and so on

Honestly, I hope today’s sharing doesn’t get too confusing :X

Presentation Lee McKing and past life regression hypnosis

First up is past lives

Some people talk about how karma is built up from previous lives and will affect us in this life

If you want to adopt this idea, then you have to understand this karma includes good and bad karma

However, it will create some other questions for me

For example, you might have encounter some nasty people and they got good luck, great health, amazing life!

What gives?

Did they possibly do some good stuff previous lives so now they enjoy this life and turn corrupted?

You might also have met some people who are good amazing people, yet their lives are so miserable, and painful

Did these good people do bad things in previous lives which accumulated into bad karma and that’s why they must suffer?

If the above is true, then what this means that is people choose to do good in this life are more likely to get good stuff going next life, but risk being corrupted and thus doing bad which drags into the next life…

It will become a neverending up and down, good and bad, etc etc

You see, if you have this idea that karma involves past lives and stuff, it creates more questions

To me, karma doesn’t really involve past lives in this manner

It is not the case of, you abuse your child in a previous life, so this life you get abused – no

I will definitely disagree with such statements

Adopting such ideas might allow one to feel better to some extent, “oh I suffer in this life cause I did bad things in previous life”

Although if you ask me, I don’t think that makes one feel better… it does however, give a reason for experiencing bad things in this life…

Sidetrack, when I do hypnosis for my clients and we end up in a past life, it is usually a pattern that is repeated across the lives

I had a male client who unfortunately, had short lives in most of his past lives, and this planted a trauma in this life which cause him to seek immediate medical attention for the smallest of cuts

Another lady was always arguing with her mom-in-law in this life, and we found out in a previous life, her current MIL was her dad in that particular past life!

What got the dad mad at her was that she married a guy he disapproved and had a child with him, so the anger and feud between them got recreated in this life

You can say that is karma, but you must realize that it is more of patterns, rather than actions

So I can eat a chicken and I won’t be a chicken in my next life haha

Presentation Lee McKing and do not want to eat

What about the current life?

This is where things might get more complicated so hopefully I can simplify it

In Sanskrit, karma is the word for action

Hence, karma to me, just means our actions can have consequences

And no, it is not I kill an ant and an alligator will eat me as payback


Our actions (whether direct or indirect, or even lack of) can create consequences (whether good or bad, intended or unintended)

You can add whatever else words might fit in the brackets to help you understand

For example, I kill an ant and that’s pretty much it yea?

But if I go into the forest and kill a whole nest of ants, that might temporary disrupt the natural ecosystem of that area of the forest… until another nest of ants come back

If I happen to eat the last plate of chicken rice of a stall, then the next person who comes craving for chicken rice might not get to eat

Either example, both are considered karma to me, whether good or bad, whether you know it or not

Actions have consequences – simply put

Now we go into heavier stuff

If say, someone is a clean freak, maybe OCD for cleaning yea?

What are the consequences of doing so?

You can pause here and think before continuing (for fun haha)

Anyway, if someone is a clean freak, then yes, the house can be clean and spotless (which is a good thing in a way)

However, it might take a lot of time and energy to clean up the entire house every single day (the person might get tired or don’t have enough time and energy to do other things so will also build up stress, being busy and no time to rest)

On top of that, the cleaning might cause the other family members or the partner to be stressed out, feeling such excessive cleaning is unreasonable and thus the family members might leave the house to find some normalcy in life

After all, if someone with such tendencies need the house to be spotless, then having no one else in the house is the best isn’t it?

Of course, that is where cleanliness and love will conflict and clash

If you know someone who is negative and critical, always harsh with their words, again, there will be very few friends who want to be friends with them

Perhaps one might be impulsive and doesn’t think before acting on things, then you can expect most of their personal success will not be easy to come by since they do not plan properly

Or a parent might do a lot of things to help the child, then you can also expect the child to develop traits of helplessness, always needing people to do things for them, perhaps a lack of independence or becoming quite spoilt

And yes, some of these statements aren’t 100% “always will be as such“, but you can expect it at least 90% of the time (maybe more)

There will always be some slight differences between people even if they have similar behavioural traits or ways of thinking

Presentation Lee McKing and relationship on fire

Finally on retribution

Honestly, if you ask me, I wouldn’t normally think of this lol

Like, if someone did harm to me, I wouldn’t be thinking or saying, “Waa I wish that fella get karma, retribution for doing this to me!”

And no, I don’t even think it

Maybe because I am too kind or good?

I think that if one were to wish such thing, one must have something negative inside, an unkind thought if you will

And it is this unkind or negative thoughts that cause one’s retribution or karma

Let me share an example first

I had a client who, when he was a kid, wished a particular family member to die, because that family member was dramatic and causing chaos within the family

To him as a child, if that person was gone, the family will be at peace

That family member did die in the end and while the family was definitely more peaceful, it planted a seed of guilt in him as a child

This guilt grew and eventually, haunted him as an adult as a certain mental issue

You see, when we intent harm on someone, we might feel guilty about thinking or saying such things

And it is in our human nature (for most of us) to manifest punishment for committing a sin

The guilt within thus manifest some form of punishment for ourselves – this is the basis of what we call karmic retribution

To me, it is not divine punishment or what, it is self punishment

One of my female clients had pre-marital sex as a teen (even though she was taught by her family not to do it before marriage) and this planted shame in her, which turn into intense period pain and even develop a particular illness involving the cervice as a form of punishment

Now I am not saying pre-marital sex is bad and will cause such issues, that is due to family upbringing

I had a few clients who were brought up with the idea that masturbation is bad, and because it is human to be curious and they did it once or twice, that guilt manifested into a form of punishment, some develop OCD for cleanliness, some develop fear and anxiety around intimacy

There are some parents who are harsh or even physically abuse their children, naturally, forcing their children to abandon them when they grow up, hence parents are left alone, perhaps even sick as their guilt manifested into some illness

Presentation Lee McKing and hypnosis with female client

I will stop here

Partly because I think you get the gist, and partly cause it is getting a bit chunky lol

The whole basis of karma is that our actions can have consequences

Whether the consequence is something external and observable such as seen in behaviours or environment, or whether it is something internal and intangible such as guilt manifestation

It may come fast or it may sit in the background and come in the long run

That to me, is karma

Although I did illustrate quite a bit on the negative aspects, there are positive aspects to karma too

Like if I treat you well, my heart feels good, so even if something bad happens, I can handle it

Or if I treat my body well, then it will be good and healthy for years to come

I cannot be eating junk food and lamenting why my health is suffering right?


What do you think?

Drop a question too if you have doubts

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