A Glimpse At Working With Clients

Lee McKing and Steve

So my blog today is pretty simple

It’s more about how my clients perceive me and how I run my hypnosis practice

Now before I say anything else, I want you to watch the below video Part 1 for Hypnotism is My Business, which was done for Toggle and Mediacorp (Toggle changed to MeWatch and now there might be a slight issue with the video embed, let me figure it out as soon as possible)

Link here if video doesn’t play

So you’ve watched the video and you probably gathered a few details about how I work

But first, I don’t charge by the hour! I charge by session…

LOL it’s a bit of an error there eh…

Ok so yea I work with anxiety, PTSD, procrastination etc but I do cover other stuff

Just ask!

And during the chit chat session where you share your issues, I will be formulating what best possible techniques to help you and your issues

It’s unique to you! 😀

You can arrange a chit chat session with me by letting me know which day and time you prefer

And I will match with my schedule

Now the video below I do sort of mention that I do not judge and so, it helps my clients to open up and share as much as possible

In Part 2 for Hypnotism is My Business, it also shows some other clients I work with and their responses

Part 2 link here if video doesn’t play

Case by case, some clients can get emotional and others less so

I adapt along the way as necessary to help my clients resolve their issues

And that’s how you can hear some of the feedback from them

Here are a couple other testimonials from other clients of mine 🙂

The hypnosis session with McKing was an experience like no other. The initial consultation was casual and comfortable, and he generously shared other client experiences (no names or personal details of course) to provide a deeper understanding of what can be achieved through hypnosis.

Not knowing what to expect, I was hesitant at first and felt nervous as McKing started the hypnosis, but he was extremely reassuring and guided me closely through the entire process. The takeaway was an incredible journey through my subconscious, having my fears and anxieties manifest themselves in imaginative symbols and being able to deal with them in a safe and healing environment.

The hypnosis helped me break free from my inhibitions in a surprisingly enjoyable way, I now understand how powerful the mind actually is and how easy it can be to overcome mental barriers with the right professional guidance. Thanks McKing for re-educating my mind and helping me create a better quality of life.

– Amanda

I met McKing 6 months back through a common friend. I asked him lots of questions and I decided to go through a session with him to (1) let go past unhappiness and (2) to make me smarter faster better in thinking, making decisions, solving problems and explaining things clearly and not being misunderstood as my main role is to make people complete their work.

After hypnosis, I was happier and begin to see the positive side of things. I’m able to find solutions to difficult situations without much frustration. Working partners commented that I smile more these days and find me more approachable despite my expectations are still high hahaha… Thanks McKing!


I have been suffering from Bulimia for at least 8 years and the condition had gotten worse recently. Finally, I decided to get help through hypnotherapy as my condition affected my relationship with my closest one. I went through a session with McKing and to summaries, he helped me using regression method where I reconciled with my past self and helped me realise about my future. All we did was 1 session. The result is unbelievable, I can now eat normally without hurting myself and most importantly, break the vicious cycle. I now have the strength and mindset to believe that I will be fine. Thank you McKing!


Huge thanks to all my clients, to Mediacorp, Toggle and Threesixzero Productions for these awesome videos! 😀

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