A Bit Of Gratitude Goes A Long Way~

Lee McKing the Hypnotist with his client having a chat

Christmas is gone and the New Year is coming~

And so I decided to do a lookback at the past few years

Yes, I have been in this profession for close to 7 years now (at the time of this writing)


I mean seriously, who in their right mind will start a hypnosis trade?


Especially when the general misconception of hypnosis isn’t good in the first place

And I say misconception because a lot of people don’t understand or know enough about hypnosis, and they labelled it as a bad thing

Even the idea of mental health awareness, while it is improving…

Honestly, to me it isn’t enough

People can say “mental health is important” but do they do anything to promote and share the right stuff with other people?

Or even apply it themselves?

I don’t know about you, so you tell me

With so many things against hypnotism, sounds like it’s going to be rough

Yet I started this trade anyway

And for the record, it wasn’t like I felt drawn to it like a calling or I felt it was my life purpose

Heck I don’t know whether hypnosis is my life purpose, truthfully!!

It’s because I want to help people

You, for example, reading this

Might know someone who needs help resolving their anxiety, or phobia

Or dealing with depression or OCD

And if you don’t know this yet

Yes, I’ve been through my own mental health issues

You can read more details in the link above

I gone through my own trauma, anxiety, and depression

I had OCD, I had to deal with grief and guilt

Even suicidal thoughts

I suffered in silence

And then, well I ended up learning NLP and hypnosis

And used it on myself


I didn’t trust the other students since we are all learning from the beginning and I was dealing with issues surrounding death and me nearly dying

So I didn’t want them to screw up my mind, or worse

Give them a trauma if I had an abreaction

Whereas if I do on myself, I’m taking ownership of what might go right or wrong

And trust me, you don’t want an amateur if you are dealing with deep rooted issues with raw emotion

Just a word of caution

When I started my trade, partly because I hypnotized myself to cure my mental health issues

I could handle quite a number of issues for my clients already

In fact, as time and the years go by, the issues get deeper, and rawer (if there’s such a word)

Honestly, the issues that clients bring to the table for me to work with are… more complicated than before

Which also shows how much I am growing and learning from them

I love my clients (ok fine I love the whole world hahahahaah)

And I want to help them as much as they allow

Because you can refuse help and advice and guidance

Quite a number of people suffer in silence, and because I used to experience that

I started this to help them

And it’s quite a number

Check out some of the testimonials they gave me

For the record, I don’t ask everyone for a testimonial

Because some people want privacy

Which makes sense right?

If they were suffering in silence, then even after resolving their issues, they want to maintain a certain level of anonymity

That’s fair

Some give of their own accord, and some I asked because we kept in touch after months and they are still updating me how much things have change for them in such a positive way~

Like this lady, she gave her testimonial after 2-3 years!!

Can you imagine how 1 session of hypnosis cured her depression, saved her from suicide, and her marriage?

And even though we didn’t contact much in those years (I was reminded how she initially wanted to divorce her husband) so I decided to check on her

And presto!

They reconciled and he stopped abusing her


After all those years, then and only then, she gave her testimonial

That’s how powerful your mind can be, in changing your life for the better

And I say it’s your mind because I’m more like a tool, or a guide

To help you through hypnosis, for you to heal yourself

Which is why I will caution a few things like, it wouldn’t work if the client themselves do not want to change or heal certain issues

And so on

Of course, seeing how their body language shifts during and after the hypnosis is astounding

It’s absolutely amazing!

They are suddenly free



It’s so heart warming to see their face light up

And some cry tears of joy

Recently, I did a hypnosis session with a lady on zoom and when she opened her eyes, she kept crying

She was amazed that the world looked brighter and more colorful, vibrant!

This is because when one is in depression, one might see the world in shades of grey

Hence, when we resolve something like depression, the “shades of grey” is also resolved, and thus color come back

Interestingly enough, she even said her chocolate taste more flavorful!!

I won’t be asking a testimonial from her until some time has passed hehhee

Presentation Lee McKing and in a flux of emotions

Of course, not everything is smooth sailing

I had my fair share of clients who are not… good…

One client was taking her time drinking coffee with a guy (no idea who but I can guess) and she was late for her appointment with me for 30 minutes already

When she didn’t reply me, I was concerned whether she got lost (it was a minute walk tops) so I went over

And she stormed out of the cafe and scolded me on the streets!

I was smiling throughout and she told me to “take that stupid grin off your face” but I kept smiling throughout because I chose not to be affected by her outburst

Maybe she had an argument with her boyfriend (or I just caught her cheating shrug)

Naturally, we didn’t continue

Another guy called and urgently wanted to book an appointment for the next day, and he was a no-show too

When I called him, he said he was at home and thought the appointment was cancelled

His reasoning was, other clinics do this to him (apparently), cancelling on him or not booking him for the slot

Of course, it sounds odd on why he want to do the same to me, I did wonder whether he wanted “revenge” so he do this to other clinics


I just find it interesting really

How their minds operate

Because what I see is that their lives will repeat their patterns

And you can see or even guess that those patterns are largely negative

I once had a guy who “forced” his daughter to do hypnosis with me, and he didn’t want to pay later on

I say “forced” cause I can see the daughter didn’t think she had a problem, nor want the hypnosis anyway

Another lady claimed she going overseas and no money to pay me after the session

She said she could pay and dragged for a couple of months before claiming the above

And even after going through such things, I still trust my clients

I still see good in people


Well, because I only accept payment after the hypnosis

And I don’t charge for a chat

I just want to help people

Lee McKing The Hypnotist with some of his members from the Singapore Hypnosis Meetup
Lee McKing The Hypnotist with some of his members from the Singapore Hypnosis Meetup back in 2016

That kept me going all these years~

Some of my clients want to show their appreciation (technically you don’t have to since you paid for the hypnosis hahaha)

But I guess it’s because they save more money in the long run through just a session or two with me

A lady, whose 21 year old son had depression and suicidal, was so thankful that a session of hypnosis got her son healed and happy

She said she will be willing to pay $500 for saving her son’s life and told me to increase this much!!!

At this time of writing, I am not charging that amount ok? XD

And years later, she still want to treat me to a lunch (which I accepted and we had a chat and caught up with each other lives too)

Another lady bought me sake (well I think it was her mom who bought) after helping her cure her panic attacks and PTSD in one session

This year Chinese New Year, I received love letters from another female client, who came to resolve her anxiety and period cramps

Eh wait love letters biscuits ah… kuih kapit!!!

Other than food, some clients want to introduce their friends to me too

Like they see their girl friends as potential girlfriend for me


There’s a lot I’m skipping over, like media features, awards, events etc

I’m so thankful that I got to serve such wonderful clients

Who love me as much as I love them

Who were open to learning and growing for themselves

Open to healing and that slight bit of magic 😉

I hope that everyone had a jolly Merry Christmas, even in this time where it’s still relatively unknown

(The New Covid Variant)

Because hey, a rainbow usually appears after a storm 🙂

Have a Happy 2022 and may the New Year bring more peace and love, happiness and joy, to you, my readers, my clients, my friends and family, and to your families as well!! <3

Lee McKing and more flowers

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