A Basic List of Hypnotic Counter Spells

researching how to counter spells

Huh? McKing, what is counter spells?

Ok great question

Now if you ever play Magic: The Gathering or similar card games

Or perhaps you might play some role playing games (RPG for short) where there is a mage or wizard in the game and there are spells

In all these cases, there are spells or magic, and then there is the counter spell

The counter spell… you guessed it, counters or reverse or prevents a spell (usually the opponent’s spell) from being cast or played

Well, unless the opponents plays a counter spell against your spells!

That will be a hindrance

But anyway, I’m not talking about such games in this blog

I’m sharing about the game of life

I mean, your life, not the actual Hasbro Game of Life

But McKing, how does a “counter spell” work in my life?

I’m glad you asked~

First, before we talk about counter spells, we got to talk about spells

And no I don’t mean magic spells

Although admittedly, it does seem that way some times

So what’s a spell?

Erm… if it isn’t magic… what really is a spell?!


Specifically, the words we say to ourselves

You see, Words have Power

They hold so much meaning for us

And often times, we tend to say negative words or meanings to ourselves

If you don’t already know this, saying such negative words can hypnotise us into negativity!

Actually, if you don’t already know this… you might want to explore my blog and read more about hypnosis and stuff

And since words have such power over us, they are like a “spell”

Hence “spelling”

Hahahaha ok fine that’s a lame joke…

What to do?

I have a torn right ankle ligament during my army days…

That’s why I’m so lame hahahaha

Ok ok you probably feel very cold right now so I shall continue

So if words have power over us like a spell…

And people generally (and sadly) are more likely to say negative things about themselves or to themselves…

Then they are casting a negative spell over themselves

And that my friends, is why I will be producing a list of counter spells!!

So you can counter your own negativity!!

Cool right~

Heh heh heh~

That’s right

I’m be showing you exactly what you can say to yourself instead of the usual negative stuff

Which means you can gradually build up your life towards positivity again

I will be sharing the more common negative phrase and perhaps, I’ll describe why it’s negative

Followed by the counter spell or the reframe to what is a good positive way to say it

PS. I’m not telling you to lie to yourself ok? That’s completely different

The List of Spells and Counter Spells

1a. “I tried my best”

Woah wait this sounds positive man why is this here??

Ok the real problem is the word “try” because “try” implies failure

Say the above to yourself, and then say the below counter spell

1b. “I did my best”

Do you realize that trying one’s best suggest that he/she didn’t do their best at all?

And this creates a negative feel, perhaps of guilt or even shame

Hence, its a negative sentence

2a. “I’m trying to grow”

Same thing, trying implies failure and in this case, it suggest that one is stuck in growth and unable to grow more

So my suggested positive counter spell is a bit different than the previous example

2b. “I’m growing day by day” or “I’m growing bit by bit”

This suggest that while growth may seem slow, progress is the key element here

3a. “I’m a heavy procrastinator”

Well this is straightforward ain’t it?

Well hopefully this reframe might help you get out faster

3b. “Resting now allows me to be more productive later”

Admittedly this might take some time to get you moving and doing again

4a. “This homework (or work) is hard…”

This is a common one among kids!

So if you are a parent (or if you catch yourself mumbling this particular phrase) then you can use the below

4b. “I know this isn’t easy but let’s look at it as a challenge (or a learning curve)”

This can help reset the work or problem into a challenge or learning curve which implies there is some positive learning you can get out of it

5a. “I’m so forgetful”

Eh… if that were true my friend, you will have forgotten your name… or your house… or that you owe me $1500…

See! You know your stuff hhahaha

So why are you telling yourself such things?

If you still truly believe you are extremely forgetful, then you need to PM me to transfer the money cause you really forgot you owe me money

Jokes aside~~

5b. “I’m not familiar with <blank> at the moment”

Whatever the category, topic etc the <blank> is

Now the beauty of this phrase is that it suggest you can build up your memory with time and being more familiar with the subject!

Presentation Lee McKing and exam anxiety

This list isn’t exhaustive…

But I think it’s a good start

Heck you know what?

If I come across any more negative phrases that people say to themselves, I will add it to this list and share the counter spell

So bookmark this page and share with your friends!

Also, PM me if you notice you have been casting negative spells on yourself so I can share with you how to counter it!

Til then, take care and stay well!

Also yes, it’s April Fools’ but this ain’t a joke haha

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