7 Misconceptions About Hypnosis – True or False?

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Today I will explore 7 Misconceptions About Hypnosis that can hopefully educate you on what hypnosis is and isn’t

For what hypnosis really is, you got to read this 😉


Here are 7 of the most common hypnosis misconceptions! 😀

#1: Hypnosis is Sleep

FALSE. While a hypnotized subject may usually closed their eyes it does not mean they are sleeping

In fact, they are still aware of their surroundings

They can open their eyes and be in a hypnotic trance

Hear their surroundings and even communicate with you (as long as you don’t violate their ethics or values; like asking for their bank card details)


#2: Only Gullible People Can Be Hypnotized

FALSE. Hypnosis requires willing participants

Anyone can be hypnotized, all you need is to want to be hypnotised

Then of course, if you can follow basic instructions, then we are good to go

If you can read this and raise your right hand now, YOU can be hypnotized 😉

That doesn’t mean you are gullible

Ironically, the more someone can follow instructions, the easier to hypnotize

Which means you can reject hypnosis if you don’t follow instructions

#3: Hypnotized People Can Reveal Secrets or Act Against their Will

FALSE. People under hypnosis cannot do anything against their ethics or values.

People cannot suddenly reveal a secret that they don’t want to reveal!

Nor can they be willing to kill their pet dog under hypnosis!

If it were that simple, therapy will be done even for people who don’t want to change

Which essentially means… everyone’s problems will no longer exist o.O



#4: A Person Under Hypnosis Cannot Lie

FALSE. See point 3!

Ok truthfully, they will tell the “truth” of what they see in their minds

And they will not tell you what they don’t want to tell you

So a secret is still a secret and a person can lie under hypnosis to hide a “bad thing” or a “fault”

Makes my job as a hypnotist that much harder sometimes… shrug

#5: Hypnosis isn’t effective at all

FALSE. The truth?

Here is what a comparison study shows:

Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after an average of 600 sessions.

Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after an average of 22 sessions.

Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after an average of 6 sessions”

This source is a study by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD (Originally in the 1970 Spring issue of the journal Psychotherapy: Theory, Research And Practice, and later reprinted in American Health Magazine)

And he also shared that “if a form of therapy is truly effective, it should not only increase recovery rate, but also shorten the number of sessions necessary (as well as widen the range of cases treatable)”.

I wish I have the direct source of the physical article in my hands!!

But this is pretty cool too, ain’t it?

Oh well, just read this if you like

Or this 🙂

#6: You’ve Never Been Hypnotized

FALSE. Everyone has been hypnotised in one way or another!

One of the key ways a person can hypnotised you is if that person has authority over you in one way or another

Thus, the following

  • Your parents
  • Your teachers
  • Your leader (in whichever aspect)
  • Your life partner (depends)
  • And more!


#7: Hypnosis Is Black Magic!

FALSE. That’s what I used to think to! LOL!

Hypnosis is more of a psychological phenomena than magic

We already go into a hypnotic trance every day, like brushing your teeth and forgetting whether you brushed

Or just daydreaming in school, work or the bus 😛

Lee McKing with a client in a cafe

In Conclusion:

Hypnosis is nothing scary or freaky or whatever!!

It’s a user friendly, amazing psychological tool of the human mind 😀

What are some of your thoughts after reading this article?

Write in the comments below and I will see you soon! 😀

PS It’s not the eyes!

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