6 Unusual Hypnosis Requests I’ve Received

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I’ve been practicing professional hypnotherapy for a number of years now and naturally have my fair share of clients and their requests

The usual ones will be to help them resolve their anxiety, depression, phobias

Which is my main focus

Although I do get some interesting requests such as healing a broken heart, getting over a loved one etc

For today, I thought to share some of the more unusual hypnosis requests I’ve received from people

Which is really interesting and curious how some of them got the idea in the first place


1. Turn Water Into Wine

Of course not physically la~

This was done in a studio for filming

They initially approached me to do some hypnosis with some of their people for a video

For fun really

But I asked if I can have some focus on the hypnotherapy element – to help people solve problems

Cause that’s my main focus after all

So they found 4 girls – 3 to resolve a fear and 1 who was to do something else

Ok to be precise, the original request from that 1 girl was to be more resistant or tolerant to eating chili

Which is an interesting request!

To me it worked because previously she had to drink 2 bottles of water after biting the tip of the chili, but after the hypnosis, she only drank half a bottle of water after biting the tip of the chili

However, for video, that doesn’t look too fantastic

I have to agree

So that was the original request, and I had to think of something on the spot for the media side of things

In this case, I mentioned that it might be possible to hypnotize her to drink water (since she had a bottle of water still) and to make her drunk on it

And we did!

Watch the video below to see her reaction~

PS Can you believe it was my first time doing this alcohol hypnosis? XD

2. Can You Cure Dyslexia?

A lady came with her son with this request and honestly I’ve never done it before

And generally speaking, dyslexia is something that is supposedly incurable right?

You learn to live with it, manage it, cope with it, but can never cure it

So I’m like thinking, how do I handle this request?

Is it even possible?

So I’m like Jimmy Neutron (if you ever know and watched this show from long ago~)

“Think… think… think… brain blast!”


The thing about dyslexia, at least the way I see it, which may not be scientific ok?

To me, dyslexia comes about with regards to how the information transfers from the eye along the optic nerves, to the processing in the visual cortex, how the information get transmitted to the frontal lobe, and finally the processing by the frontal lobe to make sense of the visual information

Now why didn’t I think there might be a problem with the eye itself, because to me, the eye is more of a lens, to receive the information as it is, of course, if you have an issue with the rods and cones, then you might be color blind

However if you are short or long sighted, that has to do with the physical eyeball itself, too long or short for the light to come in and that can make things “off-angle” and thus appear blurry

Anyway, since it’s more of information transfer or processing, then is it possible to use hypnosis to fix this?


And I did 😀

Although… what I did specifically was return to when he was a fetus and rewired or fixed how the brain processes information

Cough… hahaha…

But he was cured in one session so… whatever works?



3. Heal A Brain Injury

A person came with this request and that was mind-boggling

To be fair, I did heal a physical injury using hypnosis before

But a brain injury??!

What happened was that there was a car accident and whiplash cause the frontal lobe and visual cortex to be injured or damaged

This resulted in a bunch of things happening – memory loss, uncontrollable muscles at times, blurry vision, unable to focus, loss of concentration and a few more things

For example, one (or more) of the nerves holding the right eye was damaged to the point it became a lazy eye

Which explains the blurry vision or unable to focus too I suppose

Naturally my first question was… “Why didn’t you go to a brain surgeon?”

The response was that there is a risk of losing the job if there is a brain surgery

Ok fine, I don’t need to know the job so let’s see what happens then

For this, we return to the accident and create feelings of safety

After which, we reversed the damage that was done, and accelerated the healing process

And finally, I ended the hypnosis and said, “You can open your eyes whenever you are wide awake”

And I smiled, saying, “You are healed now

Naturally, there was disbelief… like, how I know it is completely healed??

Remember the lazy eye?

It was back to normal

Looking straight at me

That’s how I knew it worked beautifully

About an hour and a half later… I received a message…

“I think you are right. My vision is clearer, brighter and more focused! Everything seems back to normal!”

And a week later, I check again…

“Yes! My memory is back to normal, I can concentrate and focus like before the accident. Thank you!”

Which is pretty cool overall eh~

physical wounds

4. Remove Pain (Period or otherwise)

Well, pain removal is something that is possible and probably a bit more common than the above other requests that I’ve had before

A lady many years back came to me for a toothache… to which my response why, “have you tried a dentist?”

Apparently she did go to the dentist and was scheduled for a surgery already, but it was in 3 days time

So she came to see if I can do something about the toothache right now because it was really swollen, she cannot eat or drink without pain and so on

To me, as long as you already got proper treatment (or scheduled something for it) then I will consider pain removal hypnosis

Because it doesn’t make sense to remove pain when you have a broken leg in order to continue running a marathon

That increases your injury yea?

So I did the hypnosis with her, and the pain was gone~

In the last couple of years, I had another 2 ladies who requested for aiding in their period pain

Both came at separate times, but had similar issues of pain, so bad they are stuck in bed

The symbol of the lady with the more intense pain was flowing blood, and it represented the release of her baggage from the past

Naturally, since the actual blood flow of the period doesn’t release baggage, she experienced more and more blood flow and pain during each month

The other lady had a fish hook appear for her period pain, however it brought her back in time to when she got her first period, and her family instilled purity with regards to her virginity

Hence, the moment she lost her virginity, it was classified as “shame” upon her and become the fish hook to cause pain and suffering

5. Meet The Other Mes

For this one, it was because of this blog where I shared about meeting and learning from the other mes in the other universes

And from this, a client wanted to do the same – to meet and learn from the alternate realities

Now you must remember that each you in a particular universe will have different variations, and it’s not just “oh I’m richer” in this one, or kinder in the next

The variations can be due to other things

With the gain of a new strength, there may be another weakness, a pro and a con etc etc

For example, my client is in a relationship with his girlfriend and they are engaged to be married in this universe


When we did this type of hypnosis, it was to attempt to learn and solve an issue, let’s call it issue A for now

We found the other him who can solve this issue, in fact it was already solved in this other universe

However to his surprise, this other him had other traits that also made him cheat on his girlfriend (in the other universe)

Meanwhile, looking for another him to assist with issue B, he found out that this alternative him had a mom with mental health issues, and he’s already married with a child!

Blew his mind away~

This can make this technique is little tricky and potentially dangerous to do on your own

Because if you are not careful, you don’t just solve an issue, but you generate new issues from that universe into this one…

6. Lock Up My Psychic Power

Ok first off, whether you believe that psychics are real or not doesn’t matter in order to read this

What’s more important is that it is real to the client

And if I can help them, then all will be well

For the record, I have had 3 such requests for locking up or shutting down their psychic power

The first was a girl who claimed to be able to read thoughts and manipulate them as and when she wants

However, she admitted that she enjoys doing so on her best friend, and thus, for her we didn’t continue any hypnosis

The 2nd was a boy, who initially thought he was bi-polar or going crazy

This was because he will experience random mood swings throughout the day

I did think that while bi-polar is a possibility, another possibility is that he might be an empath

An empath is a psychic who can sense and feel people’s emotions and sometimes pain pretty easily

As each psychic can have multiple variations of their abilities, and thus is specific or individualized to them, I shared what I know about empaths and what I think he might have

How I concluded as such was because he realized that he will have the same emotions as the people around him, if the neighbours are arguing, he gets angry

If the person who entered the room is sad, he knows they are sad before they enter the room

Hence for him, I taught him how to build a shield (which was taught to me by my friend, Master Max, who is a fengshui master and face reader)

I told the boy to practice the shield for a few days and update me

A week later, he updated me

“Thank you! I finally feel like myself again, like my mind is quiet and I can think clearly too”


The 3rd is a lady from overseas, an elderly European lady who also has empathic abilities

However, she can sense the pain from the earth, she can experience the pain and emotions from pictures, videos etc

Which made her reclusive, not wanting to leave the house, avoiding media and so on

She decided the pain was too much to bear and found me through the internet

For her, I had to admit, that if we do hypnosis to shut off the psychic abilities, they may not be opened again with the right procedure

Meaning it will potentially be gone forever

Especially if she has intentions to use her empathic abilities to help people, then she might not be able to do it until she finds me again

She was firm about shutting it down because it was more of a problem than a benefit to her

Since she was clear about it, we did the hypnosis for her

After it was settled, she experienced a inner peace like never before and went on her way

This concludes Part 1

Well, I may or may not have a Part 2 of Unusual Hypnosis Requests

But hey, as long as I continue my profession, I’m sure some interesting stuff will pop up 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!

And do share with your friends for some interesting fun~


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