6 Things That Happens Under Hypnosis

I cannot possibly describe everything that happens to a person under hypnosis!

This is a huge question

However, I will try my best 🙂

Now first of all, I want to share that not everyone will experience the same hypnotic phenomena

And not everyone goes through the same type of hypnosis

Because everyone is different!

So here are some general themes of hypnosis 🙂

1. Relaxation

You probably already know this hahahah

A person under hypnosis usually (not always) experience a feeling of relaxation

Which is why you will find a lot of relaxation in hypnosis

And of course, you might notice that relaxation occurs in other situations too

Makes you wonder eh?

2. Focus

Hey no I am serious!!

Focus is another hypnotic phenomena that people experience

Let me explain

When a person is under hypnosis or entering a trance

The person is so focused on one thing

The experience

And if could be entering the world in their mind

Or studying

Lee McKing studying

And they don’t really become aware of what’s happening elsewhere

Generally speaking

Imagine having such a intense conversation on a date and not noticing anything around

Or studying so intensely you didn’t realize you miss 2 meals

Yup yup, exactly like that 🙂

3. Stillness of the body

Yup, you may or may not realize it but your body can go really still

And in case you are wondering, sometimes its the whole body and sometimes its only part of the body

You see, most humans generally fidget, we just cannot keep still

And yea, some people can keep still pretty well

So what is happening when you notice a person who normally doesn’t keep still, suddenly more still than usual?

Yup! It’s possible the person is experiencing some type of hypnotic trance! 😀


4. Hallucination

Both visual or auditory hallucinations might occur, again depending on the individual

Some might see worlds or images, while others might hear sounds, voices or music

In fact, we can even go into other types of hallucinations like taste or even smell!

And yes, this is only from a hypnotic trance!

5. Time distortion

This is really cool actually

Time distortion is basically the feeling of time going really fast or going really slow

And this occurs under hypnosis too

It’s very common for my clients to feel like hours have past when it’s only 30 minutes

Or felt like it was really fast like 5 minutes but an hour has past!

Where do you experience time distortion too? 😉

So these are some of the usual hypnotic phenomena that are commonly experienced by people in a hypnotic trance

And here is a bonus hypnotic phenomena that is unique and really interesting!

Bonus: Indeomotor response

This is basically the movement of parts of the body from the unconscious mind and not consciously willed

Alright let me try to explain this as best I can, because this is not so commonly experienced

For example, a person might go into hypnosis and the arm starts to move by itself

No it’s not a possession LOL

It’s an ideomotor response!

The arm is moving because of the unconscious mind

And two reasons are because it is moving because the unconscious mind wants it to move

Or because something is happening like therapy and the change happening is causing the arm to move


Hope this article expands your awareness of what happens under hypnosis!

And remember that not everyone experiences the same!

And there are a lot more hypnotic phenomena that happens too!

But I want to cut this short hahahah

Hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions or comments, do comment below! 😀

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