4 Unbelievable Things Hypnosis Can Fix

unbelievable hypnosis by lee mcking

Alright so you probably already know how I can use hypnosis to work with the usual stuff like anxiety, fears and phobias, anger issues etc

But you probably do not know of some interesting things that hypnosis can work through as well

I know some of these seem completely unbelievable but hey, it happened with some people I worked with

So I thought to open your mind a little bit more to what the power of your mind can do

And I compiled them into this short list! Enjoy!

1. Procrastination procrastination

Yes! Hypnosis can help resolve procrastination! And you might be wondering why?

Well, procrastination, like any behaviour issue, has a particular problem construct, and everyone’s procrastination construct is different

So the technique I used for each procrastination problem construct is different

Here is an example, where a lady had this visualisation of herself at the beach, with this guy, and drinking a martini

Why did that resolve procrastination?

Beats me XD

Another guy had this barrier (procrastination) and his solution was the intense energy of the sun!

All in all, something interesting to thing about

2. Physical Injuries physical wounds

Wait what??! You got to be kidding me?!

Yet it’s true folks!

Hypnosis can be used to tell the mind and body to heal faster

My mum injured her wrist and her arm swell up for 3 days, and yet with just 5 minutes of pain relief hypnosis, her swollen arm reduced in size and went back to normal by lunch time

Another client of mine, a 76 year old lady fell 2 days before seeing me and had a 2 inch bright red bruise below her eye, which after 45 minutes of health hypnosis, it reduced to smaller than an inch and was a dull red color

Alright so that’s probably no other weird hypnosis stuff right?

3. Allergies

Haahahah! McKing seriously??

Yes! The thing about allergies though is to determine whether it’s a physical thing or a psychosomatic thing

Psychosomatic means that something happening on a mental or psychological level such as issues, emotional state, stress etc might create or manifest a physical illness or condition on the physical body 

So this guy had allergies and he breaks out in rashes when he consumes certain food or drinks with chemicals in them and yet, we found out the true source comes from anger and frustration, while upon resolution of the root causes, the allergies has almost all completely disappeared

Why almost completely all? Because we did not test every other food item yet hahaha

4. DyslexiaLee McKing studying

No way!! Isn’t dyslexia a lifelong learning difficulty which psychologists cannot cure?

Yea way! You see, you need to first understand that dyslexia is a neurological issue, the wires in the brain aren’t exactly talking to each other properly

And that’s why their reading is messed up

No pun intended!

Anyway, I use hypnosis to help rewire a 9 year old boy with dyslexia and tada!~

He can read with speed and diction unlike before

His mum is still impressed!

So that’s it for now!!

What cool stuff do you think hypnosis can do?

Comment below or email me and we’ll find out!

See you! 🙂

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