3 Questions You Might Be Afraid To Ask About Hypnosis

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Since I started hypnotizing people back in 2015, I’ve met a whole bunch of people

Each with their own respective mindset, beliefs and values

With their personal family background and issues

From different walks of life

And along the way, I do realize that some people have particular questions about hypnosis

Some may ask me about it

Some don’t

Whether it’s because of fear, being shy, or whichever

Maybe you too have such questions about hypnosis!

Just that you dare not ask anyone (or me) about it!

That’s why I’m writing and sharing this article

(So do share with your friends if they got similar questions~)

Q1. Will I Get Stuck In Hypnosis?

This is an excellent question because when we watch movies and shows, it is often depicted as the possibility of being stuck in hypnosis and unable to get out

Maybe that was in “Get Out” movie?

I don’t know, I haven’t watched it

Now you must understand that Hollywood is Hollywood and some of the best movies to make use themes of fear and horror

I think there is no real ranking but Fear is 2nd after Love in this list

So you can have a hypnotist falling in love *awww*

Or have a evil hypnotist plotting to kidnap beautiful women and trap them in their mind! *wiggle fingers evilly*


Even that looks interesting already lol

Next, there is a difference between the style of hypnosis

The traditional style is what is normally shown in movies and shows, the sleep kind

I use the modern style where you are still conscious and awake

You can read more details about the difference between traditional and conversational styles here

Essentially, it is the sleep version which people might develop a fear of getting stuck

Since I use the modern conversational style, where you are still conscious, you can easily open your eyes (if you want or need to) and thus, you won’t ever get stuck

To be fair, there are some people who might want to experience hypnosis without the therapy portion

And for such a case, we might do something like an arm levitation or hands stuck together

But you are still perfectly conscious!

Here’s a really old video of an arm levitation!

Q2. Is Hypnosis Safe?

Although this question does relate to the above question, it has its own concerns

So if this question was asked, besides sharing the above, there is a little bit more to share

One such concern is whether the hypnotist might put suggestions that was not originally wanted by the client or subject

For example, to leak out secrets or to make you rob a bank!

Thankfully that is not possible!

This is because hypnosis only works according to your will

Meaning to say, we can only do according to what you want to be done

In the therapy setting, it means if there is an issue you do not want to resolve, I cannot make you resolve it

Yup, it cannot happen like that at all

If you want to be funny, only if you want to rob a bank then I can hypnotize you to rob a bank


Otherwise nope, zilch, nada, no can do

Mythbusters attempted this hypnosis myth and got a hypnotist to hypnotize one of their colleagues with such an idea

They approached her to use hypnosis to resolve her pen chewing habit, and what they didn’t tell her, was that they intend to put 2 post hypnotic suggestions which she doesn’t know of, nor agreed upon

The first is to scratch her earlobe when she hears a trigger word, and another trigger will cause her to slap someone in the face

However, halfway through this hypnosis, upon hearing this suggestion which she didn’t agree to she said, “I did not agree to this”

Once again proving that a hypnotist cannot hypnotize you against your will!

Here’s the clip from Mythbusters (It might be a bit long to the end part)

Q3. What If It Doesn’t Work On Me?

If it doesn’t work on you now, it just means it doesn’t work for you now

But that doesn’t mean hypnosis wouldn’t work for you in a week’s time, a month’s time or even a year!

This is… ironically the answer is also a bit of a follow up from the 2nd question

Essentially, that you cannot be hypnotized against your will

And how does this relate to the 3rd question?

Well, some parents might bring their children to come and see me and expect me to hypnotize their children to study well, be good children, etc

Yea it doesn’t work that way

Because the hypnosis will only work if the subject or client (said child) recognizes an issue and want to resolve it

I had a parent bring her 18 year old daughter to see me because she doesn’t want to go to school

However when I chat with the girl, she didn’t mention anything about school, and only said that her issue is that she has a fear of horses

She wouldn’t say much else

This is my guesswork yea?

Maybe she was bullied in school and so, not going to school is a solution

However she cannot tell her mom about it and so, from the mom’s point of view, not going to school is a problem

Naturally, I can’t hypnotize the girl into removing a possible solution!

Hence it will not work

But what if you are an adult?

Now there are some adults who came to see me because of their loved ones

And while that might sound nice and all, at the same time, it makes me question a few things

One key thing is that…

If you come and see me to resolve an issue because of your loved one…

Does it mean you really want to solve it OR does it mean that you came to see me so that your loved one will stop nagging at you?

If it’s the first, we can resolve it!

If it’s the second, I’m sorry it will not work

I had a guy called me and said he want to see me for hypnosis (we already had a chat) and I asked him back, are you ready to solve your issues?

His response was… “No I just want to prove to my wife that I’m not avoiding you”


You see and hear yourself yea?

Obviously it wouldn’t work

And it didn’t work

Another factor is pressure

But this pressure can come from loved ones, or it can come from events, situations, time etc

For example, I had a teacher only made time to see me for hypnosis during the school holidays, but she came to see me when it was the last few days of the holidays

Due to the pressure of time, it wouldn’t work so well because she came due to the pressure, and not because she was ready

Which leads to another important factor, whether you are ready or not

Some issues might take time within to settle, to be ready to release, forgive or let go

I had a couple of clients who identified themselves as anxiety

Like they were not so and so, they were anxiety

Therefore, resolving this anxiety is akin to removing their core identity

As you can imagine, that sounds like a harsh thing to do

Naturally they needed more sessions

So the first session might not work at all, or it might have some effectiveness but isn’t fully resolved and they need more sessions

Another example will be when a client was abused by their parent or parents during their childhood and this forgiveness doesn’t come easily

That settling within the heart is so important for such therapy to be effective in terms of releasing and resolving such issues

Presentation Lee McKing and waiting watch

This is also why I tell my clients to give it time

That it is ok to wait for a few days or so before we book the hypnosis session

Because I want you to have an effective therapy

Some clients are a bit impulsive and want to get into a session when their mind isn’t ready for change or hypnosis

It’s like calling the home mover to come and move today but you haven’t packed anything in the house!

Naturally it wouldn’t work well

And going back to the first line of this segment, if it didn’t work for you now, it could work for you in the future

I had a lady who came to see me (actually a few such examples) and the hypnosis didn’t work for her at all

Although for her it was because she told her friend about it and her friend was a bit negative and told her hypnosis is fake and it wouldn’t work

Essentially, she was influenced or hypnotized by her friend

I told her to come back in a couple of months and most important, don’t tell your friend you coming to see me

She came back a couple months later and poof!

Her session was smooth and she resolved her relationship issues easily

So yes, it is ok to wait 🙂

That’s It For Now!

But if you have any burning questions, do comment below

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Perhaps your question will inspire me to write another blog article so everyone can learn and share 😀


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